Archangel Michael: How to Get in Touch With the Warrior Archangel

Today I want to talk to you about Archangel Michael and how to get in touch with the Warrior Archangel. Some people use crystal ball to connect the the Archangel Michael but I will teach you a different method.

A great deal has been written about him, so I will not dwell too much on his characteristics and things already known to everyone, but I will concentrate above all on giving you the advice that I have experienced over time and that I have found of help in connection with Michele.

So let’s cut the chatter and meet Archangel Michael, the powerful non-confessional Angel in charge of your protection.

If you learn to get in touch with him I assure you that he will give clear and direct answers to your questions. Sometimes it might even seem abrupt, but it’s not like that, it’s just that he’s a warrior and sometimes he’s a little Martial, but he only does it because he wants your good.

Michael has the gift of ubiquity, so he can stay in several places at once and help each of us simultaneously.

A little something about Archangel Michael, but I want to tell you. Almost all the angelic and arcangelic names end with ”El“ which means “God” in Hebrew. In fact, the name of the Archangel Michael means ” he who is like God” or “he who looks like God”. So remember, when you work with Michael, you’re working directly with the Divine.

archangel michael gods protector

Just like all the other angels and Archangels, Michael respects your free will, which is why he always needs your permission to intervene. Because otherwise, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t do it without you asking him specifically. Remember that because it’s a very important thing to connect with him.

The Archangels guide you to your guardian Angels , are 7, of which the 4 archangels, the most known are: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, but with the time we have ways of knowing all and 7, because each archangel has its own specialties and areas of expertise in which it operates.

In addition to solving any mechanical or electrical problems, Michael is in charge of protection, for this reason he was chosen as patron of the police. You can call Michele whenever you are afraid for your personal safety, or you need to find the courage to make the necessary changes in your life.

But do you know why Archangel Michael gives courage and strength and offers himself as a guide in dealing with change?

Because Archangel Michael knows the details of your purpose in life. Michael can help you stay focused on your goal to accomplish your divine mission. (If you want to find your purpose of life read here)

2 Powerful Instruments of Connection With the Archangel Michael

archangel michael gods protector

First of all, I want to tell you that the Archangel Michael is the secure and 100% reliable and his Guidance is always crystal clear, you do not need to have any fear because Michael will shield them from all the energies and thoughts based on fear, from you or from other people. To get in touch with the Warrior Archangel, I suggest you two tools that will help you feel even closer to you, to feel his presence and understand the messages.

You can use it whenever you need to feel protected and want to feel close to you Michele. It is perfect to use before performing a reading with the Oracle of the Archangel Michael or even when you address a prayer to him. I recommend using the Amethyst Crystal while trying to connect with Archangel Michael.

The Oracle of the Archangel Michael of Doreen Virtue.
If you are not familiar with Oracular readings don’t worry because the cards operate according to the law of attraction. You will always draw perfect cards for the answers you need. Before Reading spray the Essence vibration of Archangel Michael will help you to connect much more quickly with the aid of the sense of smell and the power of vibrations, Sounds and Colors with which it was made.

You can use the Oracle of Archangel Michael to ask for any kind of help you wish to receive for yourself and for others. To further strengthen your Connection with Archangel Michael and be certain that to respond, through the Oracle, you can recite a prayer in silence or aloud. All he needs is a sincere request, like:

“Archangel Michael, I ask that you stand by my side and watch over me during the reading that I will make with Your cards, that the answers you give me are correct and accurate, and that may come as a blessing for all those who will be involved. Please help me stay in touch with my soul, so that I can hear, see, hear and understand the divine messages that I hope will come.”

As you read the Messages of the Cards, pay attention to every thought or feeling that arises in you because they, too, are an integral part of the response, Michael.

During the use of the Essence, vibrational, and during a Reading with the Oracle of the Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue you may feel an energy, is definitely masculine, and/or see a light that changes from crimson red to cobalt blue with filaments of gold, smile and open your heart because what you are seeing or sensing is the Aura of the Warrior Archangel.

your purpose of life. Michael can help you stay focused on your goal to accomplish your divine mission.

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