As The Universe So The Soul

Weekly Energy And Affirmation Reading:
As The Universe So The Soul
  • “Divine Intelligence, please give me the courage to become extraordinary and to make my dreams, goals, and desires a reality.” Inna Segal
  • “Divine Intelligence, I am open to attracting wonderful people with open minds and loving hearts into my life.”  Inna Segal
  • “I choose to see and appreciate the beauty and value around me. I increase my gratitude every day, and I am attracting even more to be grateful for.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • “I have the power to over come any obstacle. No matter what is going on, I can be strong, confident, and self-directed.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • “I am receiving the peaceful, harmonious treatment I deserve in my life. I set boundaries, make reasonable requests, and make my expectations clear.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • “I am comfortable with all my emotions. I honor and express them in appropriate ways. I feel peace.” Sandra Anne Taylor
Allow the love to expand your heart. Learn and grow and live to the max by loving yourself unconditionally – unravel from the grips of attachments and conditions. Only then will you attract what compliments who you are and who you want and need.
The storm that forced changes are nearing the end of its chaos. To be creative rebuilding new foundations and structures are underway. Allow things to come to ahead, confront and clear them away with confidence and understanding that this is the natural way.
Grandmother reminds us to not forget to acknowledge, express and grieve where we feel stuck and incomplete. The medicine of these aches are in the stories and in the remembrance of the loss. The deep felt void will then be filled with more then enough love and abundance to bear.
Choose to focus on the appreciation in the mist of this storm knowing the storm is just that; a storm that shall pass.The more you appreciate your life, the more your life will appreciate in value.
Rest assure the Storm is falling away and that which is no longer needed will too fall away. What has helped you in the past will be honoured and forgiven. Lets make room for the new and empowered you. follow a new brighter path.
The faeries are here every step of the way utilizing their transformative power keeping us earthly, grounded and centered. Offering us Hope ad promise of a better future when we follow our heart and inner standing.
Through all the confrontations we face, there is a sense of accomplishment and peace opening within us. Have no fear of your power to express. To offend is that only of others insecurities that you do not own anymore.
As the Universe transforms around us, So too the Soul within us. Man is being called to protect the heart as we remember the power to express is in the balance.
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