Asgardia, The First Space Kingdom Has Been Born

The First Space Kingdom Has Been Born: Billionaire Swears Himself In as the Head of Utopian Space Kingdom Asgardia that Plans to Attract 150m Citizens, Join the UN and Colonize the Galaxy in Arks


Billionaire swears himself in as the head of utopian space kingdom

Igor Ashurbeyli has been inaugurated as the first ‘head of nation’ of Asgardia He was sworn in at a lavish ceremony in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace on Monday Ashurbeyli has been the driving force behind the concept of a space nation Asgardia’s citizens now number some 200,000 across the world, he says A Russian billionaire has been sworn in as the head of a utopian ‘space kingdom’ that plans to attract 150 million citizens and colonise the galaxy in arks.

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