6 Reasons why you should not worship Astaroth

If you are familiar with the occult, you might have heard about Astaroth. But her name also appears in goddess worship. In fact she was a very popular goddess worshiped in different places around the world. She is known by different names in different regions, such as:

  • Astarte by the Canaanites,
  • Inanna by Sumerians,
  • Ishtar by the Babylonians,
  • Ashtart by the Assyrians,
  • Isis by the Egyptians
  • Ashtaroth by the Phoenicians.


Astaroth is not just a goddess, she is a demon. Although many religions and cults consider her a goddess of fertility and love, you shouldn’t worship her. Here are some reasons why!

Reasons why you should not worship Astaroth:

She is a demon – she is a self-proclaimed goddess. But she is believed to be an ancient demon. Who has been with humanity since the beginning of our existence alongside Satan and Beelzebub.

She is the daughter of Satan – Astaroth is very popular in occult religions. Not only because she is a powerful goddess or demon, but also because she is the daughter of the most evil, The Prince of this world, Satan himself.

She is the goddess of war – although she is also known as the goddess of fertility and love, she is also the goddess of war.

She is part of the so called Evil Trinity – this Evil Trinity contains the 3 most powerful princes of Hell: Astaroth, Lucifer (or Satan) and Beelzebub.

She/He is The Great Duke of Hell – this doesn’t even need to be explained. Just the fact that this being is known as the Great Duke of Hell should convince you not to invoke her, ever!

She is often summoned or invoked in black magic – her negative energy and presence is very beloved by the members of the occult and by those who practice black magic. She helps them discover secrets, to get prophetic dreams and visions and to have a luxurious life.

My opinion on Astaroth

I am not into the occult, and I try to avoid everything evil and negative. Therefore, I will never tell you that it is safe or a good idea to worship, invoke or summon Astaroth. Although there are some sources that consider her an angel or a goddess, the evidence of her being a demon is plenty and very convincing. I hope that these information opened your eyes a little bit, and you will pay more attention to who are you worshiping or invoking for help.

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