Astron. Astrology- cycles and more.

This new blog post is about some general Astronomy, Astrology and Physics (from Astrophysics to Quantum physics – inspiration for some conclusions) but then also about the 3 geocentric cycles on 13th / 14th of March.
I research a lot about all these different Sciences – luckily other people do that too and can provide viewers as myself with a bit more “understandable” explanations of equations, models, theories and proof. I then have sometimes those “aha – moments” – love them and so they inspire me for writings….In these days, truly Science meets with Spirituality….

Much Love to you All,


The cycles of 14th of March and the Merkabah

The New Moon post has been very intense/long, and so I would like to now look at the 14th of March in more detail, as 3 cycles (geocentric) bring their energies into play for some time but first a bit of a general note and how the Merkabah relates to Astronomy and Astrology.


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