Big! Scary! Terrifying! EMOTIONS!

I have seen some of the strongest men
Cower in fear when it comes to facing their own emotions.
Nothing scares a person more than feeling emotional pain.
But why is that?
Because we don’t like things that don’t feel good.
What you don’t understand is your emotions are there to guide you, to teach you, not to harm you.
Emotions are meant to flow.
Flow through us as we feel and experience a wide variety of emotional experiences.
Thats what we came to earth to do.
Experience emotions.
All emotions positive and negative
In the spirit form we can learn all about emotions
But we don’t truly understand them until we experience them for ourselves.
When we resist our emotions we create blockages.
Those blockages turn into toxic beliefs and behaviors.
We clear those blockages by going back into the painful emotions and healing by FEELING them.
In all of their glory.
We analyze our fears and character flaws and why we have them.
We gain knowledge.
We grow.
Thats all you have to do
Is let your emotions be exactly what they are in any given moment.
Acknowledge them, let them teach you.
If something doesnt feel good, its not in alignment with your spirit.
Correct your path.
Let the emotions flow dear ones.
Thats what you came here to do!

Namaste Star Spirits!

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