Black Moonstone Benefits, Properties and Meanings

Have you seen black moonstone spheres? A peculiar and rare gemstone of nonpareil qualities, black moonstone benefits are physical, spiritual and emotional. It is often confused with other gemstones for its optical illusions. Black moonstone is the stone of the new moon challenges. It helps you calm your tides of worry, tension, and frustration to choose new positive beginnings. If you’re enamored by black moonstone, we will teach you all its powers, properties and metaphysical attributes in the next 10 minutes.

What Is Black Moonstone?

Black Moonstone Benefits, Properties and Meanings

A feldspar mineral in the silicates family, black moonstone is a stone with perfect cleavage, making it tough to polish. You will see a black gemstone with creamy colored bands when you look at a raw black moonstone. It does not have any luminescence, but rates 6.5 on the MOHS hardness scale.

Black is the color of magic and mysteries.

You will notice black moonstone transparent and opaque with vitreous luster. It is a yin and yang balancing stone with a blue shade at oftentimes. It blesses relationships and purifies thoughts.

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Black Moonstone Meaning

An overwhelming stone often believed to contain high vibration frequencies, black moonstone feels like a magnet in most hands. Meaning of black moonstone is protection and courage. It is a stone that guides your path and leads you to positive and successful opportunities. This variety of moonstone in black repels negativity and makes you feel at easy.

The black variety of moonstone vibrates to the number four and charges with the power of wind element.

What is the black in rainbow moonstone? What are the black spots in rainbow moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone is chemically composed of orthoclase or potassium feldspar. It is seen with a pearly luster. Rainbow moonstone looks nothing like the natural black moonstone. The black spots in rainbow moonstone is often its matrix from albite and feldspar. It shows a rainbow adularescence which is almost-absent in black moonstone.

On a black moonstone, the dark underlay often emanates a reddish glow on the stone.

Is Black Moonstone Labradorite?

No. Black moonstone is not Labradorite. It is a feldspar, but not a stone with labradorescence. However, the appearance of the stone is the reason black moonstone is also called black Labradorite in many cases.

Is Larvikite Black Moonstone?

No. Larvikite is a different gemstone that shows labradorescence. Besides feldspar, Larvikite also contains apatite, olivine titanium magnetite and augite.

Where Is Black Moonstone Found?

Madagascar is the only source of black moonstone. If you see moonstone imported from elsewhere, move on. Moonstone on the other hand is found in India, Brazil, United States, Sri Lank and Myanmar too.

What Is the Black Moonstone Chakra?

Root Chakra is the power center of black moonstone. It helps you connect with Mother Earth and eject away the negativity and toxic thoughts in your mind. Black moonstone chakra can ground your worries away.

Sacral Chakra is the second chakra that will be opened once you touch a black moonstone. It is the seat of your life force where the passion resides. Sacral chakra of black moonstone helps you raise your energy and enthusiasm.

Third Eye Chakra is also the core power of black moonstone. It is a chakra that opens your spiritual eye. Third eye chakra gives you the power to have clairvision and clairvoyance. It is the chakra of intuition.

The last chakra of Black Moonstone is Crown Chakra. It is known as the chakra of clear thinking and etheric connection. The crown powers is what helps you stay sober and wise.

Which Is the Black Moonstone Zodiac Sign?

The official zodiac sign opened by black moonstone is the Cancer. As a Cancerian, black moonstone will help you conquer your mood. You will feel courageous and confident. Anxiety and confusion will disappear. Moonstone in black hones your wisdom.  

Libra will find sensitivity and empathy with black moonstone. It will teach you wisdom and decisiveness. Libra will feel strong and courageous. It will tone your thought and personality.

Scorpio is the last zodiac sign who should wear black moonstone. The stone will find truth and passion in their life. They will find logic, reason and self-confidence. Your intuitive abilities will amplify. Jealousy and possessiveness will disappear from your life.

How to Cleanse Black Moonstone?

As moonstone generally contains traces of aluminum, it is not recommended for washing under water. You can also scrub it with a soft damp cloth once a month.

Black moonstone can absorb bad energies and needs purification before and after every use. All you need to do is circle a clear quartz or selenite wand thrice over it.

What Are Black Moonstone Properties? How to Use Black Moonstone?

Black moonstone metaphysical properties are many. We will find out what is black moonstone used for today. Are you ready?

·      Setting Intention with Black Moonstone

Manifestation is the effect of black moonstone powers. It can help you set your intention in a crystal grid or in your palm. Being a powerful stone, we suggest you chant your intentions when you activate the stone.  

·      Creativity, Wisdom and Knowledge with Black Moonstone

Black moonstone can bring you the wisdom of all the worlds above and beyond. It will tone your knowledge and make you smart as well as confident. This is the stone to help your mind with the support it needs to assimilate knowledge.

·      Moonstone Black for Meditation and Relaxation

Do you want a stone for calmness? The best stone for mindfulness and meditation, moonstone in black relaxes your nerves. Being a higher chakra stone, it can accelerate the work of medicines against brain disorders. It boosts your memory.

·      Kindness and Compassion with Moonstone in Black

For those looking for empathy and satisfaction in life, black type of moonstone can help. It will fill you with love and care or concern for your family, friends and neighbors or colleagues.

·      Femininity, Pregnancy and Motherhood with Black Moonstone

For women trying to find safety, security and confidence in life, black moonstone can benefit you. It will protect you, your baby and bless your motherhood. All you need to do is carry it in your pocket for a few days to bond with it!


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