Blue Goldstone Properties, Meanings and Uses

Is there gold in goldstone? No. it is named after the sparkles created within the stone. Actually, goldstone is not a stone, but glass. Blue goldstone is like the night sky full of stars. They are unique and powerful. Just because they are manmade does not mean goldstone in blue is not metaphysically gifted. Let’s find out all about the mysteries and blue goldstone properties.

What Is Blue Goldstone?

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Made from sand, blue goldstone is a glass containing Copper Cobalt Manganese and Chromium. A stone that is capable of connecting you with the higher realm, don’t ignore the blue goldstone properties in haste. It is a unique stone that is gorgeous in sight with a lot of powers within it. Besides clearing darkness from your life, blue goldstone can also attract luck and good fortune.

How is Blue Goldstone made?

Made from quartz sand, blue goldstone is made by melting the sand with copper oxide at 1250 degree Celsius to create a mellow aventurescence on its outer layer. It forms a blue green glass in the ionic solution.

Purple and blue goldstone is made by adding manganese or cobalt instead of copper. If you want to make green goldstone, also known as chrome aventurine, you can make it by using chromium oxide instead of copper oxide.

Blue goldstone has a hardness of 7 and is ruled by the planet Uranus.

Is Blue Goldstone the same as Blue Sandstone?

Yes, blue goldstone is the same as blue sandstone. The latter is just a different tradename of the same manmade crystal or glass.

What is Blue Goldstone Wicca?

With a numerical vibration of 3, blue goldstone can be used in wiccan rituals. It is commonly used for rejuvenating the health of plants and animals. It can reveal your destiny and life path too. Wiccan traditions use blue goldstone helps in attracting financial balance through surprise luck in lottery or jackpots. It brings fame into your life with personal success in business.

Is Goldstone Manmade? Is blue sandstone manmade?

Yes. Goldstone or sandstone in blue is made from quartz sand as aforementioned. It is not a naturally occurring crystal. Although popularly made in U.S.A, India and China, blue goldstone can be made in any laboratory.

What Chakra Is Blue Goldstone?

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Crown Chakra is the first and foremost power core of blue goldstone. Located above your head, blue goldstone connects you to the etheric realm with the help of crown chakra. It gives you the power of intuition and enlightenment.

Third Eye Chakra is the second power center of Blue Goldstone. It is located between your eyes. Called the spiritual eye or inner vision, third eye chakra helps you see your future ahead of time. It is the chakra of clairvision and spirit communication.

Throat chakra is the third chakra awakened by the use of blue goldstone. It gives you the courage to speak your mind without fear or phobia. Throat chakra is the origin of confidence and self-esteem too. It can help you find your voice.

Which Is Blue Goldstone Zodiac?

Sagittarius is the official zodiac sign of Blue Goldstone. It will help you be focused and mindful in life to habituate you with being careful, committed and responsible. Sagittarians find the company of blue goldstone calming. It teaches optimism and hope to a lost Sagittarius born person. Blue goldstone zodiac Sagittarius works on your truthfulness too.

How to Cleanse Blue Goldstone?

As goldstone is a glass, you don’t have to worry about the toxicity of the stone in water. But, the presence of various chemicals makes it toxic in water. Hence, rub once in a week with a damp cloth, if you must clean the stone.

To cleanse blue goldstone, circle it with a clear quartz or selenite wand. Ensure that you cleanse the wand before and after the crystal ritual or use.

What Is Blue Goldstone Good for?

Wanna know the benefits of blue goldstone? We’ve got five amazing blue goldstone properties you need to start applying in your life right away.

·      Spirit and Angelic Communication

By keeping a blue goldstone by your bed at night, you can interact with angels and spirit guides easily. It makes you a median by affecting your higher chakras.

·      Blue Goldstone for Destiny and Courage

You will find courage and self-confidence with blue goldstone. It will reveal your purpose in life once you bond with the stone.

·      Stone for Stomach Problems and Balance

From diarrhea to constipation and gut intolerances, blue goldstone can heal it all. Place the stone on your stomach for four hours before sunset every day to feel the effects on you.

·      Psychic Protection with Blue Goldstone

You can always wear blue goldstone jewelry to keep yourself protected from evil eye and hexes. It transforms your aura.

·      Arthritis, Pain And Inflammation Cure With Blue Goldstone

Want to get rid of joint pains? Get a goldstone and gently massage it on the skin. Do it twice a day to see the effects.


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