Blue Quartz Meaning and Powers Unraveled with Uses

Do you know blue quartz is believed to tone the creativity of musicians? It can restore vision in elderly people and fill the wearer’s life with happiness. The stone of great wisdom and charisma, blue quartz is a transparent crystal that is sometimes translucent with a sodalite-like blue on it. Unique and enchanting, blue quartz works with more than just the throat chakra. Explore the mysteries and blue quartz meaning in the next five minutes. It is called Destiny stone!

What Is Blue Quartz?

Blue Quartz Meaning and Powers Unraveled with Uses

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Blue quartz raw is one of the rarest quartz in the world while clear blue quartz is also considered precious. Scoring 7 on the MOHS Hardness scale, Blue quartz vibrates to the frequency of 44. Chemically, it is Silicon Dioxide, a commonly found mineral on the surface of the Earth.

The stone that aids in angelic and spirit communication, blue quartz is called the transformation stone for beginners. It brings drastic changes into the life of the wearer.  

Blue Quartz Meaning: What Does Blue Quartz Symbolize

Blue quartz value depends on the origin and quality of the stone. The meaning of blue quartz is happiness and comfort as well as freedom. Blue quartz symbolizes hope and rejuvenation. It helps you find balance in your life and chase your forgotten dreams. To embrace the power of blue quartz is to embrace change and new beginnings.

Is Blue Quartz Natural?

Yes. Blue quartz is 100% natural. In fact, natural blue quartz is found rarely and is prized among collectors and crystal lovers alike. However, if you hear Siberian Blue quartz, it means the crystal is lab-grown and not nature. It is a trade name for artificial blue quartz from Russia.

What Is the Rarest Color of Quartz?

Blue quartz rough or in the raw is considered the rarest color of quartz. The exclusive color in blue quartz is brought about by the presence of Dumortierite.

Where Is Blue Quartz Found?

You can find blue quartz in a variety of places, but the best comes from Brazil. It is also widely found on Australia and USA. Madagascar is another source region of Blue quartz besides Austria, China, Pakistan, Germany, Namibia and Russia.

What is Blue Quartz Chakra?

Third Eye Chakra is the core point of power for the Blue Quartz. It opens your spiritual eye and lights your inner vision. Blue quartz can bring the future to you. It will help you see the unseen around you and read others emotions as well as minds.

The second power chakra of Blue quartz is Throat Chakra. It is called the origin of purity or vishuddhi within you. Throat chakra of blue quartz gives you courage and confidence besides heightened self-esteem. It will help you realize your worth and magic inside. Throat chakra will help you discover more about yourself and the destiny you’re searching for.

Who should wear Blue Quartz?

Libra is the best zodiac sign that must wear blue quartz. If you’re a Libra, you need to gain more wisdom. Blue quartz will help you feel your best without anxiety and confusions. It will help you see the light when you’re at your lowest. Blue quartz necklace is the best protection charm every Libra should wear to avoid distractions in your path to your goal.

How to Clean Blue Quartz?

All types of quartz has a high level of toxicity risk of Silicosis. That’s why we recommend cleaning your blue quartz with a soft bristle brush every week.

For cleansing the bad vibrations from your blue quartz, you can circle it with a clear quartz thrice. Substitute with the full moon energy or selenite wand to cleanse the blue quartz before and after every use.

What Is Blue Quartz Used for?

Now that you know the metaphysical characteristics of blue quartz, it is time to discover how to use it in your daily life. Blue quartz benefits are many and you can embrace it too, regardless of what your zodiac sign is. It is a gentle energy stone that brings about many changes. Let’s find out what’s the best thing for your future.

·      Cure Infections and Inflammations

Are you suffering from low immunity or an autoimmune condition? Rest assured, blue quartz can help you in your struggles. It protects your health and fights against the allergens or pollutants. Holding blue quartz over your vulnerable organs can accelerate the healing power of medicines in your body. If your loved one is fighting a disease, blue quartz gift can truly help them. Get one for them!

·      Relaxation and Meditation with Blue Quartz

Another power of blue quartz no one usually remembers is how calm it makes you feel. The blue variety of quartz helps to unwind from a stressful day. It can help you find the peace you’ve been looking for. It is hope and focus stone too. You can hold a blue quartz before your sleep to meditate beautifully and fall into sleep.

·      Aura Cleansing and Purifying Stone Quartz Blue

The tranquil blue of quartz is also good for filtering your aura. It can help you eject the bad and absorb the positive. If you were introverted, blue quartz can change the reality for you. It cleanses toxic thoughts and private speech to make you feel your best.


You can attain courage and confidence using blue quartz because it works with your throat and third eye chakras. Powerful stone blue quartz for thyroid disorders work wonders too.

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