Botswana Agate: Healing Properties with Meanings and Powers

Do you know peach agate? It’s another name for Botswana Agate. A powerful stone for mental and physical detox, Agate Botswana heals brain disorders too. What is the meaning of Botswana Agate? Is it good for all ages? From the advantages of using Botswana agate to cleaning it and using it, we have listed the complete healing properties of Botswana agate. You can start using it at home without any worries about the toxic report of agate.

Let’s find out!

What Is Botswana Agate?

Created 180 million years ago, Botswana Agate has a numerical frequency of number 3. It is a Silicates mineral with the chemical composition of Silicon dioxide. Rated with 6 to 7 hardness on the MOHS Scale, peach agate is a beautiful variety seen in A-grade, B-grade and C-grade qualities.

Botswana Agate Meaning

The inherent meaning of Botswana agate is Stability. It is a stone for internal balance. When you use this vibrant agate, it makes you calm and at peace. Botswana Agate beads meaning is well-known for its qualities as a worry stone. The patterns on the stone are gorgeous and hypnotizing at the same time. It can ground your worries and eject the negativity within you.

Botswana Agate Affirmation

To activate the power within an Agate from Botswana, you can use the following affirmation-

“I command you to release the fear within me. Ground me and balance my energies”.  

Botswana Agate Colors

Agate from Botswana is seen in a variety of colors including pink, gray, brown, white, and cream shades. It is called the Sunset stone for its twilight colors and patterns just like the sky at dusk. A beautiful stone, Botswana agate is priced based on the clarity of the colors and patterns on the stone.

Where Is Botswana Agate Found?

If you’re interested in getting Agate Botswana directly from its birthplace, you need to travel to Botswana in Africa.

What Chakra is Botswana Agate?

Sacral Chakra is the first core chakra power of Botswana agate. It energizes your core called the life force energy or kundalini energy. Located in your pelvic region, sacral chakra is the seat of passion and energy. It governs your actions, thoughts and decisions. Peach agate bolsters your sacral chakra to transform you into a passionate and caring person.

By touching agate Botswana, you are also empowering your Root Chakra. It grounds you by connecting you to Mother Gaia in the Earth. Root chakra is located at the end of your spines and helps you stay positive. It is the center of balance in your physical, mental and emotional planes.

Which is Botswana Agate Zodiac?

Gemini is the official zodiac sign of Sunset Agate.

If you’re a Gemini, agate from Botswana will help you relax and find positivity. It will resolve the challenges in your life by giving you courage and confidence. Peach agate for Gemini brings decisiveness and self-esteem. It will help you focus and convey deep and creative thoughts easily.

Gemini has a tendency to be cold and opportunistic. Agate from Botswana will help you become an empath by listening to your peers, friends, family and colleagues. It will tone you into a good leader.

How to Clean Botswana Agate?

A crystal to repel negativity, agates are not toxic in nature. Being just silicon dioxide, you can clean or rinse agate with water without worries. Do so every week or once in a month depending on your use. Remember to store the agate safely because it can break upon fall.

To cleanse the sunset agate, you need to circle a clear quartz or selenite wand over it in a clock-wise fashion, three times. Do it before and after every use to clear the negativity sediment on the Botswana agate.  

Healing Properties of Botswana Agate: What is Botswana Agate Good for?

Why use sunset agate? What’s so special about it? Is it a healing stone? Can it repair my muscles? While there are a lot of questions, uses and powers and healing properties of Botswana agate, we will list out the main ones by dividing them into three categories.

·      Physical Healing Properties of Botswana Agate

One of the most popular Botswana Agate stone benefits is how it detoxes your body. Agate from Africa can help in the acceleration of medicines too. It is a cleansing and clearing stone that gives you health and healing by controlling your lower chakras.

When you use an Agate from Botswana, it will increase the oxygenation in blood. It can help you with memory problems related to thyroid disorders. Another advantage of Botswana agate is how it cures brain disorders.

If you suffer from sexual problems, the orange white agate can help you with that by empowering your sacral chakra where your sexual energy resides. Impotency and infertility are also cured by regular use or connection with the sunset agate.

Is sleep a futile attempt every night? Rest assured and place a Botswana agate under your pillow. It will help you get a sound sleep without nightmares. More about Botswana agate dreams in the next section.

Do you suffer from vertigo or dizziness? Don’t worry. Just get a Botswana agate and place it in your pocket. It will help you balance your hormone irregularities. Stress hormone cortisol will be flooded out when you hold Agate Botswana.  Fatigue can be reversed and healed with the use of this variety of agate. Incredible right? Get one today!

·      Spiritual Healing Properties of Botswana Agate

Angelic Communication is the most powerful spiritual power of Agate Botswana. It can help you communicate with spirit guides easily. As peach agate is also connected deeply with Mother Earth, it can help you connect and communicate with the nature.

Spirit recall is yet another power of Botswana agate that no one talks about. It can take you back and forth through your incarnations through your dreams. Keeping this agate under the pillow can help you with the penance for karmic debts. It reveals your spirit guide besides giving you the power to communicate directly with your guardian angel.

Aura protection is another superpower of Botswana agate. It can help you cleanse the energy attacks aimed at you which might otherwise tarnish your aura and disorient your psyche. Protection is also one of the famous Botswana Agate properties. It can protect your energy and innocence from bad thoughts and energies.

When you wear an Agate from Botswana, you are grounded. All your troubles will be ejected into the earth and a calming energy will overcome you. It is a stone to polish your abilities of Intuition and clairvision.  

·      Emotional Healing Properties of Botswana Agate

The ideal gemstone for balance and understand, this agate is also one for boosting your inner self. It can help you believe more in you and hone your self-confidence. If you’re a person troubled with self-pity, agate from Botswana will help you change your perspective and find your hidden potentials. It can show you new opportunities in life.

If you’re going through big changes or transition, this is the best stone to help you find stability. Agate from Botswana is a stone helps you through stress and anxiety. It will help you relax and take decisions easily. Sunset agate is a stone for courage and self-worth too. You will find truth and honesty by working with this stone. It is a gemstone of commitment too.

Ideal for creativity and Artistic expression, Botswana agate also invites success into your life.


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