Breathe of Fresh Air

It has been one year since I started my journey out of my first conscious ‘dark night of the soul’. It took one hard look and listen to feel the subtle vibrations that my body was emulating and attracting. I was at a very low vibration level. The density of my pain was one I had promised myself I will never put myself through again. But in order to make and keep that promise, I had to hear and feel my way through the darkness and accept where I was and that I put myself there. I had to accept that I did not know anything either than darkness and therefore had no idea how to get out and break that cycle.

I started researching and listening to other peoples stories from rock bottom to success. I started researching my own symptoms to find the answers doctors could not find for me about my physical injuries. I began to follow information that highly triggered me to find out why and how deep my compassion for the world went. From there I started to reach my place of no resistance. A certain realm of the world came to me when I allowed myself to calm the fear and anger chatter in my thoughts and vibrations. I manage to do this by reluctantly learning about yoga and meditation.

Alternative healthcare was where my heart and mind seemed to revel timelessly in. I recognized that the depression was what had to be relieved in order for me to begin healing. I began to practice using essential oils in a diffuser when I would sleep. I started with simple oils with vibrations that I could handle such as orange and lavender. I began to buy herbal teas and use more peppers and rosemary in my foods. These small changes was enough for me to catch a small spark of momentum acknowledging and understanding my own body mind intolerances.

I began to read my pain like a spiritual language that only I can understand. Through this process, my ability to understand the body, the mind and spiritual connection has brought me to an amazing mental and emotional presence. I have never been much of a religious person, nor was I atheist. I was never encouraged to follow any spiritual path, nor was I discouraged accept by my own interpretation of societal conditions and rules.

I now, almost religiously, burn/diffuse herbs, oils and incense, read cards, do freestyle yoga, various meditations, write affirmations and listen to many peoples perspectives of compassion, love and success as well as listening to leading edge philosophy, medicine and science. I allow my monkey-mind be free and follow my flow of intentional living pain-body free.  Moving from conditional to unconditional has been the most incredible journey for me and am grateful to know I am not alone.

My gratitude runs deep for all of whom inspired me to come out of my shell and shine this authentic light. Many blessing and thank you. <3

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