Cancer is an opportunity for a NEW YOU!

I’m riding an incredible energy wave of love this full moon of Leo. My birthday is tomorrow! I’ll be 51 years wise. I reflect on how amazing my life is NOW that I have progressed so far along my journey and I know things are just getting increasingly expansive with these 5D energies coming through. Exponentially compounded and allowing me to go deeper within my meditations and also expand outwards. I used to be this reclusive person these past years hiding behind all the excess weight I had gained since my 2012 awakening what opened my energy to FEEL more energies. This got me started on the spiritual journey towards becoming more wholly ME.

In 2018, I have my breast cancer journey to genuinely thank for the even more massive expansion of consciousness that FINALLY connected to my spirit, my soul energy. This trigger waves and waves of purging of old, dense, negative energies from my body’s energy field. I literally physically started transforming from the inside out. My physically body (after the release of the dense energies) continued to shed all the weight that I had gained due to my food (sugar) addiction that I had resorted to in order to cope with FEELING the emotional void within me that was created by all the trauma both individual, ancestral, and global that I as a highly sensitive soul could not deal with.

I love my body! Not because it is now hot and slim. I started loving my body 18 months ago when I weighed close to 160 lbs and just diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and given 2 years to live if I did not immediately submit to chemo, surgery, and radiation. From the first moment of my diagnosis, I vowed to do the real spiritual work that I came here to do and CONNECT to my God source, my spirit in order to find out the answers to my deeper questions. I was ready for the truth. It was this openness and devotion to SELF LOVE that caused my body to respond to my intentions. I was able to manifest a miraculous turn around in my health. I YES, I can claim my health without having an official scan that says “no cancer”. It is the ego mind that thinks that healing must be “proven”. If you are alive, feeling blissful in the body and living the life of your dreams, you are healed. The secret to my healing with understanding that the physical world manifests from the energetic realms, the SOURCE energy of creation. It takes energy to create physical changes. The human ego mind can not access this energy so it is limited in what it can perceive. But the pure awareness part of us can experience all this healing energy. This was a very scary and intense journey at times and I had to be very courageous and keep the FAITH. We are not here to copycat and follow the mass consciousness. We are here to BE our Divine selves within a limited human body. In allowing this natural unfolding, our sense of self will transform and expand into our energy body. We begin to identify with being spiritual energy beings and not just physical. We tap into the quantum field of possibilities and attract the HIGHEST outcomes, even miracles in our lives. We live from the heart in the moment being constantly guided by our higher God mind, our intuition, which is connected to EVERYTHING in the universe. Honestly: even if I do die of cancer, the amazing changes in my life and my sense of self worth has been beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. I would certainly die happy with no regrets about anything in my life. I am LOVE. I don’t have to be right to BE LOVE. I just choose it NOW.

The 5D energies have liberated me from all this density. I am NOW pure love and light. Full and completely in LOVE with ME! This love flows as a real energy through my body and my energy field that it has an impact on everything and everyone around me often triggering emotional and energetic release and healing. I know I AM stepping into my power NOW. Healer heal thyself. As I heal, I step into my archetypal template as a healer. We actually don’t heal each other at an ego level. We heal others when we heal ourselves first. We use self love to accept and completely love ourselves with ALL of our darkness. Then our darkness will integrate into our hearts. Then we realize the perfection in others because we no longer see ourselves as less than. We are standing in our WORTH as WORD. As creator incarnate into human form in order to express itself as LOVE.

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Healing from Breast Cancer holistically. Starseeds and awakening humanity.

Love yourself as GOD loves you. Then you will know the truth of who you are. You are healed. You are perfected. You no longer identify with your limited ego mind that traps you in fear. You are FREE to be who are really are and reach amazing potential as a Divine Human.

About the author: Chi Macnow
I'm an awakened Starseed and sharing my holistic cancer healing journey with the world!