Can’t You See It (Groovers Groove)

Ascend Towards the Light – Groovers Groove

Groovers Groove is the first track of an Album of Ascension Music that is in the Making. The Music is mostly just easy simple chords, nothing too fancy. I am not a musician although I have played Guitar on and off for 40 years.

About the author: MArcturus Wayitis

My Latest Adventure has led me to produce this Ascension Music that I feel is to Guide those on their Ascension Journey.
Ascension Guidance and Healing is what I do for others. As for myself, this is the path I have been on since 1970, when I started my spiritual journey. Of course, it was not called this in those days. However, for the Seeker, it is always a path of Ascension. I have since my late teens studied many things but finally became my True Self and this enabled me to communicate with the Beings of Light and Love that are with us now. My main connections are through Archangels but also some Star Beings as My new name will allude to. I live in the South East of the UK in a very beautiful part of the World and am very blessed with those around me. I Help people on their Ascension Journeys through Workshops, One on One sessions of Guidance and Healing, where I use two new Modalities, namely Metatron and Arcturian Healing. Both of which help and guide people to connect more directly with their Higher Selves and so aid them on their Ascension Journeys.