Take Care of Your Sacral Chakra

Some Sacral imbalances are codependencies or dependencies with other people or substances that grant easy access to pleasure; being ruled by emotions or feeling numb and out of touch with yourself and how you feel.

Another manifestation of sacral imbalance are over indulgences in fantasy such as sexual obsessions or the lack of sexual desire and satisfaction.

Just like the root chakra, become aware of your own addictions to find the base to continue healing from.

Emotions and feelings are central to sacral chakra. Expression of sexuality and sensual pleasures leave impressions on the inner and outer world.

Awaken your creative energy. You have an infinite amount of energy within, use it.

In order to open your second chakra, you must take risks and not be afraid of failure. Let go and play like a child. Allow new creative energy to flow freely by being still, feel, let go and listen.

Good Habits to Practice Being Alive

Yoga has some really good postures to help open your hips. There is the seated pelvic circles, Baddha Konasana (butterfly poses) and Bhujagasana (cobra poses). incorporate some of these poses while practicing slow deep breathing to get your body use to harnessing more energy then it does now.

Deep Breathing. Breathing is everything. The breath controls where and what cells in your body get the nutrition, blood and oxygen it needs to survive. Learn to be aware of your breath to help intend healing and loving your whole being. When learning to listen to your natural breathing, eventually you will be able to help breathing along by your intentions. Intending to train your breathing to slow down and be deep in the inhale and the exhale. It is the in between of inhale and exhale where the magic of healing happens.

Visualize Orange. This is the color associated with the Sacral. From the lightest orange to yellow to the darkest orange to red, they are all the areas of the sacral that need love and acceptance to connect to each other for harmonious flow. Rocks and essential oils and herbs help enhance your visual and physical and emotional experience.

Tone Your Abdomen. The abdomen will tone in time with deep breathing incorporated with it. It also helps with the flow of energy and can assist to flowing the energy to where healing is needed and where it is attended to flow (from the sky through the head to root and in the earth).

Dance Like No One is Watching. It is important to feel the rhythm of your heart, love, life and being. Just be and all will fall into place.


At first, none of this is easy. When you take risks and are not afraid of failure, the practice integrates within you just like when learning to ride a bike. Forgiveness does get easier. When you make healing and forgiveness your goal, you make the time to follow a daily process. ‘The Art of Healing Trauma’ is a wonderful site to read and to start from; http://www.new-synapse.com/aps/wordpress/?p=582

Face and release past abuse or assault. Do this in the timeless. Take what ever time you need.

Review your romantic and sexual history. Find a few days, weeks or months to focus; Forgive and learn and let go

Face and release any pain held regarding past miscarriages, abortions or fertility issues. Feel it, listen to it, integrate it then let go

Look at your overall comfort level with body, sexuality, sensuality. Feel and accept with unconditional love your body and its uniqueness, let go and have content and forgiveness with yourself and your partner who also knowingly or unknowingly is welling in the sacral. Find and embrace your sensual self so you can trust, love and create outside yourself.

Look at the overall attitude towards being a women. Trust and accept yourself as a women. forgive and embrace being a women. Allow yourself to be a loving, caring, sensual women. Be silent, observe and listen to the holistic views of women. Understand it and how it is affecting, and then let it go.

Own your sexual choices. Be silent, observe and listen to choices made. When you own and take full responsibility of your emotions, forgiveness of others and yourself will follow. Modern day collective minds have been raped, abused and manipulated mentally for economic reasoning. Understand the deepest sense of this by listening to all perspectives to eliminate confusion, find forgiveness and break the karmic solutions.

Work on refining your awareness of the energies you absorb by others. For strong empath personalities, practice embracing, loving and accepting peoples energy around you. recognize it for what, who and where it is. Know that no one being is better or worse than you. Forgive and let go.

Protect your subtle body. Be kind to yourself and treat your body with love and acceptance. Don’t push yourself when your body is asking you to stop. Others will be ok and will live even when you choose to take care of yourself.

Establish regular routines for clearing your subtle body. Continue making time for you and healing your internal self. Take all the time and energy you need, freely and guiltless.

Recognize the life phase you are in and contemplate how you can work with it. Get to know your true self and work within this core and phase to help open, grow and heal and live with love.

If you are a mother, routinely assess your energetic balance. Your children will surprise you when you show the awareness of your energy towards them. You amazingly can hear your children’s heart and are knowing of the kinds of emotions they are flowing with in the present moment. Do not react, just be silent and listen and embrace their love and life. Say something when you process your internal truth and acceptance.

Know that the throat chakra is strongly related to the sacral. This knowing helps with letting go of unhealthy emotions, people and memories to create space and energy for new and better opportunities.

Learn to trust intuition and lose the grip of being ruled by emotion. When communicating with a karmic solution, take the time to be silent, feel, listen and then speak. This practice helps you be aware of what you reflect from your sacral emotion center. Don’t be afraid to cry when you have happy and sad and angry realizations.

Inspire Yourself

Who do you look up to?

When I started the opening of my sacral chakra for healing, I was ready to give up because one of my hardest things to do was to be silent and listen to the forgiveness of my sibling and of myself. I did not give up though. I kept trying, starting with small steps sitting within the pain and listen to all perspectives of the mixed emotions. After a good 2 weeks of working on it everyday with music, sounds, vibrations, nature, family, Oprah podcasts, Deepak’s live Facebook messages etc, I finally broke through and was enlightened by my true self and forgiveness was realized.

Everything seem to give me the answers to what I was feeling and struggling with. To the rock chip in my brother’s truck window to the silent still waters at my feet that hung out of the boat. I just practiced being aware and in the present with my family. In the evening I meditated and felt the emotions I needed to embrace and accept.

I know I have a long way to go before I can feel whole and help my body to be comfortable and not hurt all the time. I am taking the time in the timeless that I need to be still, observe, listen and love life to my fullest ability. One Chakra at a time.

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