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Lilac – Strengthen your faith;  With every breath I take, my faith in myself and the Divine is renewed. I am ready to receive the highest love and abundance from the universe. Mauve – Enjoy clear hearing; Divine intelligence, please allow me to listen to and apply my divine Wisdom. First chakra Archangel Michael; My Read more

As We Pass Through the Gateway, What is Next?

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Third eyes everywhere will open on August 8, 2018, as the bold Sun in Leo syncs up to the star Sirius (known as the “spiritual sun”) and generates a high frequency energy that activates the Lion’s Gate portal. In numerology, 8 is the number of infinity and manifestation. May we all roar our way through Read more Read more

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This month has seen a tumultuous rise is the cosmic energy that has been prevalent for quite some time now. The amount of information that has been spent on gaining and understanding the natural cosmic reactions the past month, has led to several people considering them to be intellectuals in this very field, owing to Read more

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