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Beautiful healing music for all 7 chakras. Use for the perfect aura cleanses and to boost positive energy and release all negativity. For the best…

Sacral Chakra; Our Nature is to Create

Sacral Chakra; Our Nature is to Create Play Like A Child Challenges to the Sacral Chakra start with education. When we start school, we are in the hands of the system ‘we must mold/conform to a less creative being’. Although education is important, so is family, culture, the environment and so on. Not one is Read more

Solar Plex Chakra Rebalance:

Solar Plex Chakra Rebalance: 1. Choices Practice letting your true self make choices. Feel and be present and own your choices fully. 2. Leadership Listen to your intuition more and stand up for what feels right. Decisions that are coming from your heart feels intuitively right, even stand alone if you have to. Confidence in Read more

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Align body, mind, and spirit with this full night of all 7 chakras, opening music. Balance and align the chakras as you sleep well. Join…

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Crown Chakra/Sahasrara:

Crown Chakra/Sahasrara: Center of Trust and Understanding; No element, no thought The seventh chakra, Sahasrara is a pure coating of devotion, inspiration, happiness and possibilities. Here dwells the infinite possibility to be connected with ourselves and deeply connect with a force of life greater than ourselves. The energy of the Crown is connected to the Read more

Third Eye Chakra/Ajna

Third Eye Chakra/Ajna This chakra is the center of perception and command. We relate to ourselves through Ajna. Interpretations of the world; Inner worlds and the world that comes into your body primarily through sight. Ajna is the ultimate code breaker, pattern maker and the seat of understanding. I realize I have been active in Read more

How to Visualize Your New Reality

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Forgiveness, Judith Kusel

by Judith Kusel http://www.judithkusel.com/ http://www.judithkusel.wordpress.com International – https://www.facebook.com/groups/397352734564052/

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. -Jon Kabat-Zinn Modern meditation is closely linked to Zen Buddhism practices. In fact, mindfulness is based on the Buddhist word “Sati,” or “moment-to-moment awareness of present events.” Sati is the first factor of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment, a core belief in Buddhism.In 1967 Read more

Heart Chakra: Anahata

Heart Chakra: Love By Association Naturally, there is a deeper psychological meaning to the blockages that you carry through out all the chakras. Your body and mind have a story to tell you that can guide your being to where the true healing is needed in order to take place. These are considered the manifestations Read more

Solar Plex Chakra: Manipura

Solar Plex Chakra: Manipura Fire, is the highest elemental energy power for the third chakra. The fire can manifest intentions within you and be whatever you choose it to be. It is this manipura that intends breathing with deep or shallow breath and that takes the time or no time at all to intend emotional Read more

Sacral Chakra: Swadhisthana

Sacral Chakra: Swadhisthana Part of our nature is to create. When we cook, bake or garden, we are creating. There are many ways to tap into our gifts of creativity. Not one of us are built the same nor is one of us able to create the same way. Our beings are unique and just Read more

Root Chakra: Path to Healing

Path To Healing In order to change the effects that are taking tole on our holistic healing, you must recognize and accept that all dependancies are working against you and controlling you and your body. An adaptation to a modern way of life is key to surviving holistically. Adjust yourself by understanding how deep deception Read more

Healing and Releasing the Past !!!

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Gregg Braden – Two Powerful Methods to Awaken Heart & Brain Connection

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The Science of Affirmations

#6 Blew Me Away!  “Researchers have long marveled at the almost-magical power of self-affirmation” (Cascio et al, 2015) Self-help and spiritual communities have long known what science is just starting to understand: that a positive mindset can dramatically improve your physical and mental health. There are many ways to harness the power of positivity, but Read more

Powerful music to remove negative energy from home. This music consists of positive healing vibrations to raise your frequency in and around your home. Join…

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What is Kundalini? How to Activate it?

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How many times a day do you tell yourself you can’t do something? Do you feel frustrated when you look in the mirror? Are you saying ‘yes’ just to please other people? If this sounds like you, you might be letting your subconscious mind negatively impact your life. However, there is a way to change Read more

What Everyone Should Know About The Healing Power of Light!

Most people don’t know about the surprising healing power of light. But light can heal and in this video I get into the science of…

The Nature of the Kundalini

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Every era has had its challenges and momentums that have instilled a sense of overwhelm to world dangers and tragedies that  caused humanity to question life, temporarily lose hope and get tossed into a sea of fear and despair. Getting through to the other side and feeling joy for anything seems like an impossible possibility Read more

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How To Balance Throat Chakra Issues

If you suffer from problems with your Thyroid Gland, Lymph Nodes, Tinnitus, Stuttering, Sinusitis, Laryngitis and generally, any issues related to your ears, nose and throat – This could indicate a blockage or imbalance in your Throat Chakra that needs to be corrected. Additionally, negative behavioural issues that derive from imbalances in the Throat Chakra Read more

Gregg Braden, in partnership with Gaia, very excited to announce the leaders from HeartMath in their first LIVE Event of the Year 2021, scheduled for…

10 Things to Know About Chakras

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The #1 Biggest Key For How to Manifest Anything!

Instant Manifestation is more than possible when you really embrace and understand this! … Take what you’ve learned about the Law of Attraction and the…

I was one of those people. I was one of those people. A broke college kid struggling to pass organic chemistry, I got D’s and F’s all semester and, long story short, I needed an A on the final to pass the class. The logical step was to keep studying and pray for a miracle Read more

Top 5 Benefits to Balancing Your Energy Field

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5 Ways to Work With The Violet Flame to Change Your Life! ✨💜🔥

Start working with the power of the Violet Flame to transmute negativity and distortion in your subtle bodies and in your life. This is life…

12 Benefits Of Chakra Balancing

What is a balanced life? As we all know that after some time all machines get run down. Similarly, our body is also like a machine, so we need to recharge our bodies physically and mentally. We get stalled with work and family obligations every once in a while, yet setting aside a few minutes Read more

The short summary of how Yazhi Swaruu perceives the topic of densities vs dimensions, and how the increase in our perception raises our density, and…

Beautiful 639 Hz-based music to assist in attracting love, and raising positive energy. The perfect blend of positive aura chakra healing music. Join me for…

Beautiful 432 Hz grounding root chakra healing music. Perfect for sleep as you drift off and balance and align your chakras. Join me for my…

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How To Balance Heart Chakra Issues

If you suffer from illnesses like Asthma, Allergies, Respiratory Issues, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Arrhythmia, Heart Problems and Pneumonia – This could indicate a blockage or imbalance in your Heart Chakra that needs to be corrected. The post How To Balance Heart Chakra Issues appeared first on Sivana East Read more

Amazing Tips To Clear the Energy of Your Home and Raise Its Vibrations

Amazing Tips To Clear the Energy of Your Home and Raise its Vibrations Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable, happy and safe, even though it is not always like this. But there are great ways to achieve this objective by clearing the negative energy and raising the vibrations of your Read more

Dr. Joe Dispenza… How to Re-Create a Natural Transcendental State

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Rewired Series – Watch Full Episode Now…follow the link http://bit.ly/StreamReWIRED_FreeTrial How can the pineal gland induce a transcendental experience? We go even…

Vibration & Perception Create Reality!

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High Vibrational Cleanse With The Violet Flame

Give yourself the gift of an instant energy shift! Clear, cleanse and lift your vibration with support from your team of guides and angels in…

This live channelling series was streamed between March 3rd – 24th, 2021. 00:00 – Monika Muranyi – Part 1 02:54 – Kryon 15:39 – Monika…

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The Secret Code of the Chakras

This week we have a free Chakra meditation we wanted to get you! May it help you clear your Chakras and renew your energy! -…

Finding Hermes 8: The Process Meditations & Becoming Aware

Meditation teacher Blaise Kennedy joined us to share his journey of addiction recovery and his transformative spiritual techniques. His contemplative practices help shift the experience…

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Unlocking Your DNA

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Five Powerful Invocations for Manifestation Magic

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Closing Portals

Follow Up for the closing of the portals! Has EA impacted your life!? Give back & Donate Today: https://pxle.me/jFPxMcwG Thanks so much for watching my…

5-5, The Secret Code of Money Manifestation

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Healing Wisdom From a Sufi Mystic

I came across a poem yesterday that gave me a perfectly timed dose of insight. The wisdom it contained was something I’ve heard spoken before by a shaman, but using different words. The piece below — from the 13th century poet Rumi — carries within it an essence that is central to many spiritual traditions Read more

How To Achieve Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Flow

by Conscious Reminder Humans are essentially spiritual creatures who feel inspired and completely authentic when we are comfortable, relaxed, and without the burden of expectations. However, this rarely happens because we need to indulge in our favorite activity to achieve the feeling of being alive. We need to take a respite from our 9 to5 Read more

How to Access the Higher Chakras!

Break into the Higher Chakras using the Seven-Day Transformation, it only takes a week to change EVERYTHING in your life! ~ https://www.spiritmysteries.com/Learn-More-Seven-Day-Transformation Our journey into…

3 Simple Methods To Give Your Aura A Quick Scrub

by Conscious Reminder At times you feel a little off without any rhyme or reason. It so happens that you spill your coffee, get honked, break a cup, hurt someone’s feelings or face a creative block. More importantly, all these take place as soon as you wake up in the morning. After this you forget to Read more

How Meditation Can Change Your Life For Better

by Ryan PellContributing Author, Conscious Reminder The New Year has begun, and that means that it’s time for adopting new life-changing habits. And why not make meditation one of them? Meditation is a very old practice that involves various techniques – mindfulness, attention and awareness training, etc. When done right, it can help you clear your mind Read more

The Lower Chakras

If you’re looking to master your body of consciousness, discover the secrets of Esoteric Emotional Mastery – https://www.spiritmysteries.com/learn-more-esoteric-emotional-mastery Our remake of the Chakra series returns…

Being Conduits for Energy

https://youtu.be/DiJB8YVi5Bc Read more

Healing In Your Sleep

Ready for something personal?  Gulp! Here we go. Late last year, I began to hit a serious dip in my energy levels.  Each day, I would wake up feeling like I had been beaten up in my sleep, rolling out of bed with pain in my muscles and zero energy. Walking up the stairs felt Read more

Pulling Your Energy & Pieces Back

There have been many strange experiences over the years for me with pulling back pieces of myself. For a couple of years I would have a problem of astral traveling while I slept and then getting stuck or lost in some weird dimension. It was like I was searching for things to bring back or Read more

Feel, Understand And Balance Your Root Chakra (Muladhara)

By Conscious Reminder The Muladhara chakra has also been referred to as the root chakra and is commonly found at the spinal base. The human spirit has seven chakras throughout it, and this is considered to be the first one. This is also the main center of any emotional or physical experience we might undergo while Read more

Magic and Alchemy for Shifting Timelines

https://youtu.be/gYsqiDlByvY Read more

3 Techniques To Protect Your Aura From Energy-Vampires

By Conscious Reminder If you are surrounded by people, physically or virtually, and often feel drained by them, you need to start taking care of your aura. Your energy is limited, and you have to recharge yourself once in a while. If you experience aura drain regularly, here are some techniques to help you. Aura Drain Read more

Heal Yourself and the World with the Violet Flame

https://youtu.be/JQ1IdJbiUSM Read more

Chakras ~ Spirit Science 2 (Deluxe Remake!)

Use the power of the chakras to transform your entire reality forever, click here to discover how: https://www.spiritmysteries.com/Learn-More-Seven-Day-Transformation Way back in 2011, Spirit Science debuted…

The Mystical Power Of Eye Contact: When Souls Touch And Heal

More than ever, we are looking for innovative new ways to experience something that includes the welfare of the mind, body, and spirit. The mystical power of the EYE is one of the most beautiful and confusing things in the same time. The eye had been an inspiration to many people who created many beliefs Read more

Chakra Polarity And Maintaining Energetic Balance

by Conscious Reminder Chakras are the links that connect our physical body with our energetic body. The seven chakras are located from the base of your spine to the top of your head. They also connect us to universal energy and our environment. The seven chakras vibrate at their distinctive frequencies and affect certain biological processes Read more

by Conscious Reminder We are in what is referred to as the dark time of the year, when the sunlight has diminished, the nights are long and cold, and spirits roam more freely as the veils thin. Negative, harmful energy can enter you homes in quiet a few ways. How this negative energy found its way Read more

by Conscious Reminder For centuries, across many different cultures, winter has been regarded as the dark period of the year. Sunlight is sparse, the night lingers longer and the veil between the worlds is almost lifted. Those who are healers and empaths are more vulnerable to the change in energy and the increased likelihood of psychic Read more

The Love Frequency: Solfeggio 528 Hz

by Conscious Reminder How To Experience the Love Frequency? Everything in this world comprises of energy and every energy vibrates at a specific energy frequency. These frequencies have different effects on us depending on the type of energy frequency it is. While some frequencies can make us feel stressed or weary, others can make us feel Read more

How Transmuting Dark Energies Will Heal The Universe

https://youtu.be/hP8g0E4kZ7U Read more

Practice These Ancient Codes for Comfort, Healing, Strength & Inner Power

The Wisdom Codes delves into the world’s timeless texts, gathering the powerful words we’ve always turned to in times of need. When life brings danger,…

https://youtu.be/hst6a1sMh1w Read more

9 Reminders Every Mystic, Shaman, and Healer Must Know

https://youtu.be/znjlw9hRYl4 Read more

Check Your Vibe 3D or 5D

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Understanding The Energetic Immune System: Open Vs. Closed Chakras

by Conscious Reminder Long before modern technology and science, ancient cultures knew that all living things carried a life force with them. Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to the wheel. Chakras are the centers of energy that move inside of us.  The chakras are primarily divided into 2 parts. The first Read more

3 Ways To Heal Trauma

If you look up the word “trauma” in the Dictionary, one of the first definitions you get is: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. I’m just taking a wild guess here, but I’d imagine that you’ve experienced something disturbing or distressing in your life. Am I right? We all have! We’re adult humans and it’s Read more

What Does it Mean When Your Aura is Purple?

https://youtu.be/7knuSkOExi0 Read more

Cats Are Empathetic Too and Help Us Heal

https://youtu.be/mVkSGr65ASs Read more

Sound is Sacred in 432Hz

https://youtu.be/edzbBEc2uWc Read more

https://youtu.be/yAfy79k7nD8 Read more

Grounding And Shielding To Protect Your Energy

by Lisa AnnunziatoContributing Author, Conscious Reminder Many people are sensitive to picking up energy and others’ emotions in their environment.  Often, people do not realize this is what is happening, but they will feel drained when around certain people or environments, or walk into public places and suddenly feel their emotions completely out of balance.   It Read more

7 Very Simple Magic Tricks to Cleanse Negativity

https://youtu.be/AAEyeIASkjA Read more

https://youtu.be/FUBPlrskx4s Read more

https://youtu.be/GgSU23ZHtDA Read more

10 Ways to Increase Chi Flow Through Our Solar Plexus

https://youtu.be/PerVqtyob58 Read more

The Current Energies & What to Do with Them ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

The Current Energies & What to Do with Them ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are watching and waiting to see what humanity is going to do with the current energies that are upon your world, because Read more

How To Remove Dark Energy From Your Home

Every time we move into a new place or I feel our house needs to be cleansed of dark energy, I smudge the entire place with white sage. SEE ALSO: Sadhana: Your Daily Spiritual Practice What is smudging? Smudging is burning specific dried herbs and allowing the smoke to float around. It’s an ancient ritual Read more

Top 30 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms You Never Knew

Kundalini Awakening refers to the awakening of the extreme energy that resides within you. The awakening of this energy leads to Spiritual Enlightenment and attainment of perfect bliss. It is quite an excruciating process as you have to let go of every desire, wish, relation, attachment, and emotion. This starts with leaving all the baggage Read more

Archangel Michael Meditation – Golden Crystalline Light Shield!

Meditate with Archangel Michael! This high frequency transmission with Archangel Michael will guide you through a powerful light meditation that’s perfect to use to start…

3 Steps To Mastering Your Energy During Uncertain Times

As I sat drinking hallucinogenic tea at an ayahuasca healing ceremony, deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, I was hit with a stark realization. I was never going to fulfill my dreams and my ambitions by continuing to look outside of myself. I needed to look within me, deep within me. To the Read more

The Power of Meditation – Rewire Your Mind

Watch the full episode of Rewired here ? https://bit.ly/DrJoeDispenza_Rewired and stream more series on how to rewire your brain and build a coherence with your…

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