Med Pods and Med Beds

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Project Looking Glass & The Destruction of The U.S. [Starting April 18, 2022]

Ever hear of Project Looking Glass? This video is either going to turn out to be the most important video I’ve ever posted or it…

Hear all the insider stories and experiences from Corey Goode! Corey Goode, described as the “insider’s insider,” is a Secret Space Program (SSP) whistleblower and…

This is a short chat we had with Yazhi about the possibility of ancient Arc behind the war in Ukraine, something that some people claim…

David Wilcock: The World Will Not Be Destroyed [Cinematic Re-Upload!]

Join David in this fascinating, cinematic journey into prophecy, superstition and scientific fact — surveying compelling new evidence suggesting our world will NOT be destroyed,…

Decentralized Globalism – The New Aquarian World Order?

Join us on a journey of EPIC transformation over the course of seven days, starting this next Monday (February 28). Click here to enroll and…

The Fight For Freedom & Cult Of The Medics – David Whitehead

David Whitehead returns to the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to share his views on the Trucker convoy and what is really happening in Canada as opposed…

Declaration and Notice

I, Pao, an heir of the most high God, am speaking the words in this Declaration and Notice to declare to the heavens and the…

Episode 8 The ICCs Awakening of the Old gods in Antarctica – Atlantis. More SSP Alliance Updates #GGLN #SSP #CoreyGoode #SecretSpaceProgram

Is it true what some say that several representatives of the Cabal have met in Antarctica to discuss the terms of their surrender? Athena Swaruu…

Official Secret Space Program Alliance Update: Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica – Part 2 Soon: Find more…

Who Would SURVIVE the Collapse of Civilization? – Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a British author and former journalist. He is known for his controversial views on the possibility of a lost advanced civilization of…

Reptilian ‘Gods’ And Current Events

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Everything they told you was a LIE

The Return of the CHRIST

How Can We Be Truly Sovereign & Free?

Bernhard and Laura discuss what it means to be truly sovereign and free. They talk about the necessary process of Individuation, what it entails, the…

The False President and Why Governments are Helmsmen

In this video, I am going to talk about the relation between governments, helmsmen, and ships; I will also talk about the false president. By…

The Totalitarian Take-Over And What We Can Do About It

David Whitehead and John Paul Rice join Bernhard Guenther for another warrior roundtable on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about current events, the deeper…

How To Resist The New World Order

In this episode, Bernhard and Laura discuss the trajectory of the New World Order as it relates to current events, the 10 attributes of the…

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Biden is not human – Neither is Trump

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The Sad Truth About America, The World, & Agenda 21

The sad truth about America is that there may not be America if events continue as is. Do you know about Agenda 21? Is Trump…

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A new biometric identity platform partnered with the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance and Mastercard will launch in West Africa and combine COVID-19 vaccinations, cashless payments, and potential law enforcement applications. A biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is set to be introduced in “low-income, remote communities” in West Africa thanks to Read more Read more Read more Read more

Shocking Secrets About Births and Birth Certificates

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of babies are born on Earth every day? In most countries, shortly after babies are born, their fathers…

What Is Money? The Secret and Esoteric Meaning of Money

Money is a measurement of choices. Every time you use money to buy something, you are making a choice and telling the universe that you…

Your Rights Are An ILLUSION – George Carlin

George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) was an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and social critic. He was known for his black…

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