Chat Gateway

Welcome to the Higher Self chat group! You can be connected all day and night to other lightworkers. The folks in here are powerful light-warriors, energy workers, gate-keepers, grid workers, etc. You can ask questions in here about any esoteric subject as there is always someone around to give you directions. Even if you are just lonely, this is the place to be connected to people who know what you are going through.

Sidebar Chat

There is a green chat box on all of the internal pages of the website. Everybody is welcome to use this.

Hangouts Chat

Alternatively, We use some Google Hangouts rooms, which means you may need to get a free gmail account in order to use it. You can send an email to our friend Jewals and ask her for a “join” link for one of the rooms. Send the request to:

Zoom Room Video Chat

In the evening, the Zoom Room Video chat is open every Saturday night around 6pm Pacific time, California (9pm Eastern time, New York) and is open until the last person leaves. Join us for good conversations about light work or just to get to know some new friends. Everyone is welcome here, and we refer to these meetings as the Lights of the Round Table discussions.

At the top of the Higher Self Portal home page, there is an icon that looks like a movie camera. You can click on that to enter the room. The Password is: 1001


Have you ever wondered about the little pictures of authors that appear in some chat areas, blog posts and comments? Those are gravatars. They’re free. It’s super-easy to get your own. Here are the details.

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