Common Mistakes of Witches

It’s ok to make mistakes. Frankly we love ours. We do them all the time. However, this doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t come with a price. We’ve been hurt so many times in the past because of misguidance and illusions. Common mistakes of Witches are given in this article. But let’s be honest, the worst mistake is to not follow your heart. 

Common Mistakes of Witches

Witchcraft is an Art. To master Witchcraft one may need to practice for years, testing spells and skills. Therefore, a Witch will inevitably make some mistakes. Actually, it’s part of the game. Try and Error. How can you know that something works unless you try it? However, common mistakes of Witches may not always have to do with what will they use, the time and place of the Spell. Witchcraft is not just spell casting. It’s a way of living. A Witch doesn’t necessarily need tools because magic lives inside of us already. So most of the times, the biggest mistakes have to do with intention and doing or not doing. Let’s explore what most of our Witchy friends told us about their common mistakes. 

1. Not Trusting Your Own Magic

This is probably one of the worst mistakes many witches make. To breathe is to be Magical. Whether you understand it or not you are a pure Magical creature, made of cosmic stardust, given the miracle of life and blessed with many ‘subtle bodies’ which can travel back and forth the Realms. One of the most common mistakes of Witches is to trust others rather than themselves. Sure, some of us have been practicing their Craft for so long and we can advice or guide you yet if you try to get things in your own hands you will probably realise that you can perform the same miracles! 

Here, in Magical Recipes Online, we always try to remind you that YOU are the best teacher for yourself. You may get inspired from our Magazine or other sources, yet the only think you actually need is yourself. You are equally magical than the most famous witch of all time. 

  • So why cannot I perform real Magic? Well, we’ve already answered that. However, we should add that as Witchcraft is a fine art, you need to practice it in order to see results. If you just wish you can do magic without even trying to perform a spell, then how will you know? So this brings us to…

2. Wishing instead of Witching

One of the common mistakes of Witches is ‘Wishing instead of Witching’. It’s true, that good magic requires us to change from the inside and this is not an easy or grief-free experience. Good Magic works with our sources, the divine flame in us. As we try to build our lives in the illusion of the Material Realm, it’s highly likely to trap ourselves in our earthly senses. 

Let me be clear. It’s ok to have fun, to be satisfied and to enjoy you mortal bodies. Yet, you have so much more to experience and the material world’s pleasures have something like an addictive effect. Balance is the key. Spend time in sex, in food but also make some quality time for your spirit too. 

  • So to make it clearer, once you ‘lock’ your target don’t just wish it. Conjure it from the Spiritual Plane. Be a Witch. Work with your spell. Open the book of Shadows or search in Magical Recipes Online or other sources you trust. But before you go through it, just ask yourself if this will make you happy or violates ethical rules along with using unholy forces. This brings us to…

3. Free will doesn’t mean Freedom from Consequences.

I think we’ve always been clear with this. Negative Witching ALWAYS brings consequences. Threefold, Sevenfold or multiplied doesn’t really matter. Just remember that Evil Magic comes with a heavy price no one is actually ready for. I know that some of you don’t like to hear that but we are connected with an invisible web, breathing the same life-force and sharing the same divine powers.This ‘web’ is conscious, with many defensive mechanisms. Hence, if one hurts another, the whole web suffers and even more, the one who started this mess. 

On the contrary, Good magic aims to make YOU better and through this journey gain many experiences and gifts both spiritual and material. So don’t force anyone do something or use forces which we all try to banish forever from this Realm. However, even if did it, try to change it. Karma works backwards too. 

  • Why on Earth can you expect something good to happen, when you conjure dark forces? Witchcraft is part of nature. It’s not absurd. This brings us to…

4. Being a Witch doesn’t exclude you from Common Sense

Yes, Witchcraft can give you powers you only superheroes have, but you don’t live in Marvel’s extended Universe or DC. You live in a much more real and much more magical world, the real world. However, Rules are Rules. You cannot just ignore common sense. I really believe that a successful Witch is one can see beyond this Realm yet fully understands and ‘uses’ the physical laws. 

So Please, never try things that may cause to you trouble or risk your health or any other’s. It’s is also logical enough to assume that your progress may take some time. Thus, you need to see where you are going! Which brings us to…

5. Monitor Your Progress

You are not the same witch with the one you were 5 years ago. Frankly, I don’t feel the same as I was one month ago. Our experiences, our successes, our mistakes, shape who we are. In order to avoid the never ending loops of this Realm we need to monitor our progress and take notes. 

  • So write down what have you tried, when did you try it and what was the outcome. Monitor you wishes, you thoughts, synchronicities (which are actually omens that you on the right track) and all kinds of signs. This will guide you because Magic is a personal matter. So this brings us to…

6. There is not only one True Path

Although each religion tried to convince us that this is the only truth, Magic is here to liberate us from this illusion. Yes, some religions can truly help you advance in your spiritual path, but there are also some other spiritual systems which can also get you there. 

In Magical Recipes Online we respect all religious and spiritual paths unless they teach violence of any kind. So don’t worry and follow your heart!  

So, what do you believe is the Worst Mistake of Witches?

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