Cosmic Chatter

Welcome to all and any who want to participate in new event this year, hosted by Circle Insights and the Light Language University called Cosmic Chatter.

On 2 Wednesday nights January 13th 7pm-9pm & January 27th 7pm-9pm Central Time, USA
Cost is $35 for each event.      Spend an evening with Ana Noyce on Zoom

The LLU is proud to offer topics and Questions to be discussed on these two evenings about the Awakening on the Planet and any other Questions you may want to know about.

Tanya Griffin, The Education Director of the Light Language University will be the moderator of the event. Fill in and submit the form from the Cosmic Chatter page on the Light Language University website if want to propose a discussion question before the event.

Please contact Tanya Griffin if you have any questions

Ph# (469)228-4077


Register on the Home page under the (Workshops) page 2.



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