Course Correction – Saint Germaine

There are points in your life you will feel you are off your highest potential track or trajectory or have slipped into an old habitual pattern that you feel is not aligned for what you are wanting to create and manifest in your life.

I say to this, great job at having the awareness this has happened! When you are aware you are slipping, then you are able to pivot and change yourself back onto the path  you feel is best for you.

This can come in many forms. It can be diet, exercise, relationships, spirituality, work, and whatever else you feel is out of balance. It can be very unique to you.

How do you pivot and change this? Bring the crystalline plasma energy and violet flame into your energy bodies, chakras, and physical body.  Place the intention that it transmutes energies and thoughts that are associated with what you are wanting to course correct. Ask for assistance from your guides and myself to help you with this.

Quiet your mind and ask “What is the root cause of this imbalance and what blockages do I have around this?” See what comes to you and then figure out a solution that works for you.

Feeling like you are slipping or have gotten off track is part of the journey. It helps reveal new information about yourself and continues to provide opportunities to discover a new piece of the puzzle about yourself. There are many ups and downs and the downs are where the invaluable lessons and growth opportunities are.

Be kind to yourself and remember your divinity and ability to create. You are strong enough and have all the tools you need to overcome any perceived obstacle, pain, fear, or trauma.

– A message that came through from Saint Germaine recently

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