Crack Through the Dark Wounds

Crack Through the Dark Wounds
  • “May my inspired idea be blessed by the creative intelligence and love of this universe. May the perfection of divine timing govern the unfolding of this idea into its most beautiful and fulfilling form. May this idea attract the most nourishing people, situations and opportunities so that it may live out its destiny to make a positive contribution to the world. Through sacred genius, love and grace, so be it.” Alana Fairchild
  • “I now choose of my own free will to release all cellular memories and belief systems based in the dark wound of criticism, judgment, shaming and fear, so that my creative, loving energy may thrive in a nourishing environment conducive to growth. Through all time and space, through all dimensions of my being through unconditional love, so be it.” Alana Fairchild
  • “I am now able to fully embrace all the Wonderfull experiences my life has to offer with joy, ease and love” Inna Segal
There takes a certain amount of darkness for the light to come into full existence at many present moments. The birth of creation has never been known as a peaceful non embrasure transition. When you are born from the darkness, it takes time and unconditional love to feel the warmth and embrace of this new light and breath of life. These are the first cracks of truth through the dark wounds of birth.
Here is where inspiration takes root in your being, yearning to be nurtured and to grow into something the world needs. Into something you need to feel part of this world. We come here to create and grow inspirations. We come here to evolve the boundaries darkness and light. We of the stardust and stories crack through the dark wounds to let love in.
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