Creating Soul To Soul Connections With Others

by Conscious Reminder

When we are with people with whom we have truly soulful connections, we feel energized, rejuvenated, full, high, inspired, empowered, happy, light – deeply happy.

First, we are going to define soulful connections and how they feel like:

  • We “get” one another and we are like-minded;
  • We share conversations and interactions filled with ease;
  • We enjoy almost the same recreational activities;
  • We make one another smile and laugh;
  • We share some common morals and values;
  • We challenge one another and help one another to grow and thrive;
  • We raise one another up, believing in each other’s greatness.

However, how do we find such connections?

Some people might suggest us to have coaching in social skills, other might suggest forums and websites that we could join, or some might even point us in directions of art classes, yoga studios, and sporting groups.

However, some will suggest only one thing – to fall in love with ourselves, as soulful connections begin from within.

These are the eight things we may do in order to fall in love with ourselves:

  1. Learn to accept ourselves – warts and everything;
  2. Get to know ourselves in our glory;
  3. Discover what may help us to flourish and thrive;
  4. Gently investigate the things that make us “tick”;
  5. Respect ourselves;
  6. Enjoy spending some time in our own company;
  7. Shower ourselves with the type of love we don’t doubt about sharing with the ones around us;
  8. Speak kindly and nicely to ourselves.

We should make getting to know, then accepting, and then falling deeply and truly in love with ourselves our priority. We should choose to welcome such soulful activities in our lives – meditation, yoga, journaling, and time alone. We should choose self-respect and self-love.

When our internal world starts shifting, our external world will do the same. We attracted our soulful activities in our lives – people that fill us up, help us be what we are supposed to be, and enrich our being, all because we decided to take our happiness and life in our own hands, making self-love our priority.

When we love ourselves, we start living our truth. When we live our truth, we become the magnet for souls that are like-minded.

Here are journaling prompts which will help us start our self-love journey right now:

∼ We should write down how would we rate our current self-love;

∼ We should also write down why do we give ourselves that rating;

∼ We should write down what are the factors which led us to be where we are today and note how we are going to minimize these situations and thoughts moving forward;

∼ We should list about five ways in which we may invite greater self-love in our lives, and after that, find some time in order to do those things in a week;

∼ We should define how our life is going to be different when we commit to doing those things. We should write down this and then put it in a place where we will see it frequently. We should also read it frequently, in order to reinforce the reason we are changing our thoughts and behaviors. One day, we are going to realize that our life is what we wrote down.

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