Crown Chakra: Center of Trust and Understanding

Crown Chakra: Center of Trust and Understanding: No Element, No Thought

Once you have established yourself in body, mind and being, the seed that has been planted within you so long ago will be loved, nourished and bloom as it is meant to be. Take hold of your presence and move forward with it only grasping to things that continue to flow you forward with inspiration and beauty.

The seventh chakra, Sahasrara is a pure coating of devotion, inspiration, happiness and possibilities. Here dwells the infinite possibility to be connected with ourselves and deeply connect with a force of life greater than ourselves.

The energy of the Crown is connected to the Root chakra and are both the extremities of the system. Be open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions.

Sahasrara is driven by consciousness that gets us in touch with the universal entity. In your own consciousness, you can find awareness in a higher consciousness, wisdom, of what is sacred, connection with the formless, the limitless realization, liberation from limiting patterns, communion with higher states of consciousness, ecstasy, bliss and presence.

When you get inspired, follow what inspires you, practice affirmation and visualize. It is then you begin to open your Crown chakra.

‘What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call the here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around. The real deep down you is the whole universe’, (Alan Watts).

As Kundalini energy rises up from the lower chakra, we enter into the realm of pure consciousness. The vital breath has been inhaled, the sacred utterance has spoken, the divine light has been felt, and Third Eye has opened. This can be known as Fractal Enlightenment.

Restoring your Crown Chakra is about taking back control of your health and wellness learning to work with energy. This is the essence of life changing material.

Do you understand your spiritual connection to all that exists? Are you able to recognize inner and outer beauty?

When Sahasrara is blocked symptoms like depression, mental fog, chronic fatigue, migraines/headaches and greed of materialism leads you to spiritual malaise.

Some manifestations that happen surround the Crown chakra opening;

  • Disconnection to the spirit, constant cynicism regarding what is sacred. Because of how our western culture has manifested to its present state, our thoughts and feelings have also manifested themselves with it. As we keep following the rules of the ego mind and world, the spirit keeps record of it and shares it with you when you wake up and listen with all your being.
  • Overactive disconnection with your body. Grasping for addictions or distractions to detach from yourself so you can not confront the very person that is praying to be heard.
  • Living in your head, being disconnected from your body and earthly matter. Walking with unconsciousness has been the seeming momentum of our culture. Speaking with our hearts has been lost while speaking with physical knowledge has be praised.
  • Obsessive attachment to spiritual matter. Once you experience the Crown chakra opening, you feel as though you grasp a massive influx of energy that is so pure, so powerful, so true. The emotions and feeling that is experienced here is terrifying and liberating. You can obsess on finding this feeling again and again.
  • Closed-mindedness. Completely shut down of openness and other perspectives.

When your Crown chakra is out of alignment;

  • A small beam chakra color, sound, vibration.
  • Secular thinking
  • Distrust
  • Betrayal

Physical ailments associated with Crown;

  • Brain cancer, bone cancer, multiple sclerosis
  • Apathy, epilepsy, chronic pain,
  • Grandeur disorders, sleep dysfunctions, lymph disorders
  • Coma, stroke, mental illnesses
  • Loneliness, isolation, alziemers, dementia, parkinsons
  • external crisis, amnesia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Neurological and endocrine disorders
  • Boredom frustration
  • A sense of elitism or unlearned accomplishments

Crown Openness

Understand and trust the process

When you let go of fear, it can no longer blind you. You will be greeted with peace and all confusion will be dispelled. Through my journey and to where I sit today, I am so amazed with all that has come to my being. I have not traveled far. In fact, I sat right here in my house working through the pain and suffering that my body reminds me of everyday. When you no longer take direction from the mind, especially when you finally see the cycle repeating over and over and over, you surrender to the pain, the suffering, the noise of a prayer trying to reach you in every infinite way.

Words like fear, evil, hell, demons, sacrifice, protection, offensiveness etc, are manifestation of your ego that grew like a weed in you. With each development of your growth, this weed would be cut and then would grow again. However creative the path the ego has taken you, know that the spirit, being, higher consciousness, the universe, the source or what ever name, is infinite in every way and can retrieve you.

As I understand it, we are all things. We can be a tree, a butterfly, an owl, the wind and so on. You can only experience this by yourself because once you grasp all that is then it is no longer retrievable in that sense. Like the clouds in the sky, experience is moving forward.

Opening your Sahasrara, the higher vibrations are received. Energy from all the universe begins to flow through you. Languages of knowledge, feelings and emotions speaks effortlessly within you.

Higher questions will come and answers follow. Love lost will be found and will vibrate at levels you never could of imagined before now. Choices will seem infinite as well as one. Perceptions will be vast and not just of your own. Even statistics can be felt through the universe and you.

every chakra I have journeyed through, ego had taken hold. From left to right of my body (masculine/feminine), the ego had taken hold. Through the relationships of the people and life around me, the ego had taken hold.

I choose to thank the egos for their time and protection in me and send them free to no longer serve in that of a pain body and request to tell me the true story of how they came to be for me, so I can remember and love who I am and contribute to the universe with love and light of being.

Only then do I truly know my whole story. Between the ego silence and the Third Eye, I can see my true purpose unfold and guide me to all that is free and flowing through, in and around me.


Tips to explore inspired by Teal Swan

  1. Visualize; The multidimensional, deep violet spinning clockwise with gold light spilling in it.
  2. Meditation; use your body, sound, smells, environment.
  3. Find or hold or glow in things that inspire you. Commit to yourself to follow your passion to learn and grow with it and the feelings expressed in it.
  4. Spend time in silence; silence is no longer silence when you understand universally its purpose.
  5. Mess with your thinking; Thinking is just a construct of the mind. Thoughts are not our own because they belong to all things. So don’t grasp onto words that don’t serve you in moving forward.
  6. Open your mind as wide as possible; There truly is no wrong or right thought about anything.
  7. Spend time out doors especially up high in mountains. Being high up brings you out of all lower vibrations that hinder healing.
  8. Practice appreciative notice; when things in your present pass you by that lifts your spirit or just touches you in some way, thank them out loud or in silence.
  9. Sound/chant; Mantra ‘NG’. You can also use your hands in prayer position to help align the vibration in your body. fold fingers and keep ring fingers up and touching. left over right thumb.
  10. Head stands and head massages; Help release tension by helping blood flow.
  11. Vibration light frequencies; Stones – Amethyst, sugilite, charite, apophilite, danburite. Herbs/oils – Frankincense, Myrrh, Lotus, sage, juniper, amber, red mimosa flower, purple cabbage.
  12. Practice acts of love and kindness; To yourself and others.

Establish The Crown Upon your Head 

The Gift was meant for all

I know in all of my being that there is a new vibration flowing through me. I have grown these past few months, taking the time to stop and listen and be present. It was the most fascinating experience.

I highly recommend this for anyone who is willing to seek another way to look at the world, or to see what is up with the world, or to even just be curious to the openness.

Every single one of us will experience their own sense of wander and peace that resides within. All of us are part of the sacred healing. I will continue to explore and learn from my experiences.

My next venture will be to understand the power of energy and how I can help heal my deeply embedded wounds and how I can guide others to do the same.

I am no longer the Robyn that runs from the pain, or hides in the shadows, or stays silent when I have something to say. I am Robyn, the seeker of knowledge, the giver of peace and forgiveness and one of the many bridges between the physical and the spiritual.

I will continue to create greatness from within to without. No longer will I suffocate myself from others. I will continue to test my truth and not grasp onto things that need no grasping.

I will practice to illuminate my energy through Crown to Root, Root to Crown, left to right, right to left and outwards around my whole being and environment.

I will use my new found energy to serve the universe and reach others who need to feel something like life and love and laughter once again or for the first time.

Thank you to the many who have inspired me to keep going and to never give up.

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