Crystals for the Home

Tumbled Carnelian

Crystals for the home can add vibrancy to an area, protection to another, and invite in wealth, peace, and even nature. These crystals can be large or small, but it is the intentional placement of the crystal which can improve the energy of your home. 

The Entrance

Cultures around the world have different staples and traditions based upon inviting in and keeping out energy. Crystals have long been kept near, over, or buried around entrances of the home to provide protection and clear energy. 


Placed in the soil around your front door, carnelian invites in abundance at all levels. Carnelian also helps to ground the energy coming into your home. 


Selenite placed over your doorway helps to clear energy coming into and leaving your home. This crystal clears blockages and brings in clear and balanced energy. You can use this trick in the most active interior doorways of your home as well. Selenite can also create a protective grid for your entire house. Simply place pieces in the corners of your rooms. 

black tourmaline - raw

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Known as the ultimate protector, black tourmaline creates a shield against toxic energy, ill-wishing, and other negative energy. It also cleanses, purifies, and transforms this energy into a lighter vibration. Black tourmaline promotes self-confidence, helps to diminish fears, and clears negative thoughts. Place a small piece on either side of your doorway or a large specimen near the main door to your home.

The Kitchen

Once a small but functional part of a household, the kitchen area has become one of the main hubs and heart of the modern home. This atmosphere has an effect on the food we eat. Crystal energy can help keep the vibration high, loving, and vibrant.

Rose Quartz 

Food created with love is more nourishing to the body and also improves the mind and spirit. Rose quartz is the essential crystal for the heart chakra and is full of unconditional love. Place a rose quartz sphere in the kitchen to spread rose quartz energy evenly and gently throughout the area or use a large specimen. Other stones of unconditional love to use include morganite, cobalto calcite, and girasol

Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose Quartz Sphere


Placed in any room of your home, citrine will clear negativity and raises the vibration. In the kitchen, citrine brings in warmth and positivity. 


A stone of energy, action, and vitality, carnelian is also a stone to help you practice gratefulness. Carnelian works with you to help your dreams become reality. 

The Family Room

Often connected to the kitchen, the family room is the core of homelife. Where the family comes to gather, to share in joy, find peace, and to create loving energy, it does not matter if you have an “official” family room to use these crystals.  

Blue Calcite
Blue Calcite Specimen

Raw Blue Calcite

A wonderfully calming and soothing crystal, blue calcite specimens can take the tension out of any day. This stone is especially beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and overly worrisome thoughts. A great stress reliever, blue calcite also helps with positive, clear communication. All calcites amplify and cleanse energy. 


Said to carry the warmth of the sun, citrine cleanses the energy in a room and raises creativity. A joyous crystal, citrine never needs cleansing. It grounds and transmutes negativity while providing protection in the area it is placed. 

The Study Area

It doesn’t matter if you study in a designated room in the home or in a room we’ve already visited. Adding some crystals which help with the absorption of information and mental clarity are always helpful. See a full list of crystals in our article, Natural Tools for School and Dorm Life

Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite

Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite

Ammonite is a relaxing fossil beneficial to those who require structure, need stability and have to solve problems. This stone is especially positive for math, geometry, and those who like to work with their hands.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite crystals help to pull out fuzzy thoughts and confusion so vision is strong and sure. It also helps intuition to sharpen and enhance logical abilities.  It is also a harmonizing stone which is highly protective. 

The Bedroom

A good nights rest is essential to your optimal health. Placing crystals in your room or under your bed can help improve your rest. Read our August 2018 newsletter for more choices and information. 


This gentle purple crystal helps to reduce stress and relieves you of disparaging and obsessive thoughts. Lepidolite is one of the classic stones for helping to eliminate insomnia and induce better rest. A very calming stone. 

Lepidolite with mica slabs

Lepidolite with Mica


The birthstone of February is also a great crystal to help with sleeping issues. Amethyst has been used for centuries to help with insomnia and calming the mind. It eases headaches, transmutes negativity energy, and helps to bring in intuitive dreams.

Blue Topaz 

Soothing and mellow, blue topaz has the peaceful quality of water. A crystal of love and good fortune, blue topaz helps you to stop over worrying, fretting, and brings in peace and love so you can find better rest.

Remember that you can change the location of crystal energy to help readjust the vibration in your home. Work with the crystals. They often have firm opinions on where they want to be placed in order to help you. Set them in full moonlight monthly to energize them. And cleanse them with incense and smudge so they remain healthy and vibrant and especially if they are a protective stone. Keeping them clear and energized helps you to live your best crystal life. 


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