Dark Gnosticism and Kabbalah

Part 1

Dark Gnosticism and Kabbalah

How about a dark odyssey into the shadow side of hallowed mystic systems? Maybe they’re not even mystic but elite mainstream tools for tyranny and the eventual atomization of civilization. This exploration includes a thorough understanding of various precarious concepts: The Cult of Yahweh, the Gnostic Androgyne, the Myth of Lilith & Samael, Abrahamic Prophecy, Sophia & the Shekinah, and more.

Part 2

Dark Gnosticism and Kabbalah, Part 2

Ready yourself for the second part of a very popular episode. From the start, Christopher wanted to provide a visual of his research in addition to the regular podcast. So, he presented his discoveries to our Finding Hermes group in August, and now it’s available for the public in both audio and visual.

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