Depths of Grief/Rise to Succeed

Depths of Grief/Rise to Succeed


  • ‘I tune into the healing power of my heart’s sweetness, recognizing that I am worthy of kindness, love and care.’ Alana Fairchild


  • ‘I am energized and empowered to bring my ideas to life. I release any fear that they won’t live up to the perfection of my ideas or fantasies. I give them permission to become what they want to be, in service to life. In releasing these ideas into form, I open up to receive new ideas and inspirations. I am helped with this process through unconditional love, for the greater good. So be it.’ Alana Fairchild


  • ‘I release the pain of the past and live with compassion for myself. Love heals and renews me now.’ Sandra Ann Taylor


  • ‘It is safe and comfortable for me to move on. I consider all my options and then take action on my own behalf.’ Sandra Anne Taylor


  • “Divine Intelligence, please allow me to connect to the fairy kingdom to awaken my vitality, aliveness, and Divinity.” Inna Segal

In this present time of year – as merry as it may be – there is a depth calling you to see, feel and hear the grief of the matter. Love yourself enough so to so face the truth of the heart. Know when it is time to move through the depths and when to walk away and indulge yourself with sensual bliss. 

Grandmother reminds us that there is a deep knowing in our blood, our inherited medicine; so look to the lessons of your mother’s line. Take these moments to return to the earth-based creations and await to be part of their discoveries.

Connecting to the spirit of nature has always been the true path of succession. As we are the walkers of the dream realm as much as we are the earthly bound. We are the magicians that make dreams come to fruition. 

When the depths of the universe reveal to you the seeds cultivates by your grievances; the boldness of your spirit will be acknowledged and each step you take from that point forward will be matched with love, enthusiasm and chivalrous. 

Ideas are created by the most creative of sparks between the dream and awaken spirit. Allow the Rainbow fairy rays to assist you with bringing your light to the deep and into the world. 

In the depths of grief there is a rise to succeed. 

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