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Fairfield, IA 52556, USA

Hello my name is Adelaide Stverak and I am a metaphysical minister. My focus is healing work and I call in all backgrounds and all faiths all the beings of light that can assist you specifically and I can do that remotely or in person. I have been doing this work for over 16 years and I thoroughly enjoy this work every single time and I’m working hard to connect you with the highest evolution of you that you can attain now. I’m a motivational speaker I have multiple  degrees in psychology parapsychology and I have studied many faiths and theologies. it is my joy in my pleasure to clear emotional blockages clear psychic entities a dress the wounds and collapsed the time frame around what you would like to accomplish so that you get out of your own way and allow yourself to step into the power of what you are. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions if you need advice and if you would like to speak further I do consultations for $30 for the 30 minutes and my normal client requirement is $100 minimum and you can decide if this is something that will work for you I am a professional and I take this work seriously it is within every fiber of my being and I hope to hold the space for you 2 ensure the maximum benefit for your wellness and wholeness. May you be well contact me soon blessings abound.

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$50 USD   One Hour Phone Tarot Reading and Energy Healing

After years of working with clients, I have found a tarot reading combined with energy clearing, is the session that promotes the most growth. The tarot reading gives you guidance on what happening with your inner and outer life. The energy clearing completely clears you of an energy opposing your growth. The tarot gives you guidance on internal work that needs to be done to raise your vibe and the energy healing helps you raise your vibe. If you change your inner life. Your outer life has no choice but change along with it. Change begins inside and then reflects outside. Sessions are an hour long we start with energy clearing and then proceed into a tarot reading.

$25 Email Energy Clearing

This includes a complete energy clearing. I will also go over any inner work and issues with your energy that need addressed.

$30 USD Tarot Reading By Email

I will email you a full tarot reading. My readings are in-depth and will reveal deep information to you. I will give you the answers you need to progress further on your journey.

Please send payment and we will then set up a time for your energy healing and/or reading. Send an email request or email me at dawnrachelle@soulsisterstruth.com to let me know about your payment.


50 USD One Hour Phone Tarot Reading and Energy Healing After years of working with clients, I have found a tarot reading combined with energy clearing, is the session that promotes the most growth. The tarot reading gives you guidance on what happening with your inner and outer life.

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The Light Language University 

The Light Language University is a place where you can discover how you connect as a multidimensional being. We have a list of workshops and class on line and in person.

Register on Circleinsights.com 

Light Language 101, ” Spirit Anatomy & How You Connect”

(Prerequisite to all workshops and classes)

Light Language 102, ” You as a Multidimensional Being” 

(Prerequisite LLW101 )

Akashic Records, Level 1, “How to Read Your Own Records” 

(Prerequisite LLW101)

Akashic Records, Level 2, “How to Read the Records of Others”

(Prerequisite LLW101 & Akashic Record, Level 1)

Spirit Rescue, “Freeing Ghosts, & Entities from Land, Homes, and People”

(Prerequisite LLW101)

Medical Intuitive, ” Healing & Psychic Surgery”

(Prerequisite LLW101 & LLW102)

Shamanism, ” Entry Level of Shamanism”

Prerequisite LLW101

We also offer other classes and developing groups to participate in after completion of the Prerequisites.


Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and Light Language Activations

Hello, my name is Jordan Coburn and I am a Reiki Master, Shaman, and a Veteran. My business provides distance energy healing services, channeled guidance, light language activations and more! I look forward to working with you! Love and blessings to you! -Jordan

My services:

  • Distance Energy Healing – $50/30 Mins – $100/1 Hour
  • Distance Pet Energy Healing – $30/20 Minutes
  • Channeled Guidance Session – $25/15 Minutes – $50/30 Minutes
  • Healer Guidance Session – $50/30 Minutes
  • Inner Child | Trauma | Timeline Healing – $50/30 Minutes
  • Getting Unstuck Session – $80/1 Hour
  • 12D Template Integration – $100/1 Hour
  • Embodied Breathwork Exercise – $150/2 Hours
  • Recorded Light Language Activation – $40 Live
  • Light Language Activation – $50/30 Minutes
  • Recorded Message from your Higher Self – $30
  • Soul Retrieval Ceremony – $80/1 Hour
  • Cord Cutting – $50/30 Minutes
  • Galactic Aspect and Animal Totem Integrations – $50/30 Minutes

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I have been Blessed with Survival from illnesses and circumstances that should have killed me, and actually did a couple times. I reached deep into my Soul and found my Connection to Source. Now I am helping others Heal in all forms, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Through Akashic Records Readings, Tarot Readings and Reiki Level 1&2 I can help you Find and Sail the Life You are Destined to Live. Find the Healing Power of the Water through me.


Creative Self-Healing: Using what’s around you as tools for creative healing

As a young girl coming up in a family of dysfunction, lies, deceit and abuse, I’ve learned how to heal from the trauma of toxic relationships by not only facing the truth of what my life had endured but, also realizing that I had all of the tools around me I needed to help assist in my healing. Yes, I needed that inspiration and support to give me the boost I needed and once I overstood I begin to use everything around me to my advantage. My mindset has transformed and my thoughts are of a different nature than once was. Life has changed in ways I didn’t imagine years ago. Now I want to extend what I’ve learned to those who seek healing and self-love.


*Session Packages and Tool Kits (for all) Click Link▶shuffleventing.com

*8 Weeks Of Feminine Healing: Each week we’ll focus on a new task to heal and gain back the power we been missing. Plus a bonus 9th week to reflect on the previous weeks and the progress made. (For women)

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Auburn, KY, USA

Reiki Master and also seller of crystals, Also do animal rescue and other humanitarian efforts. My name is Zara

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