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Sunrise, FL, USA

Beyond Energetic Healing 

My name is Lisa and I’m an indigo starseed, energy worker, priestess path graduate and shamanic healer.

I’m offering online or in person support for…

Shamanic Soul Retrieval...

When PTSD and trauma happen in life pieces of the soul gets fragmented and compartmentalized. Some people loose these fragments over lifetimes. It can cause emptiness, depression, and addiction. We may not even realize a part of our souls are missing until we get it back. For me the first time I had a soul retrieval session I cried tears of joy for hours from the feeling of “wholeness” and “home” I had felt.

Cord Cutting

I also cut cords from unhealthy relationships, entity attachments and energetic vamperism. With it I always cleanse and seal your aura.

Blockage Removals…

I help remove energetic blockages due to stress, addiction, pharmacutucals, other peoples negative energy.

J-Seal Implant Removals… 

I can assist in the removal all Jehovian Seals from the seventh axitonal line on the left side of the body. I also assist in the removal of all tags of possession, collars, frequency fences, crown of thorns, connections to siphoning programs.” I always add archangel protection along with Soverignty declarations to everything I do.”

Distance Reiki Sessions… 

Psychic Protection

And much more…

I would be very happy to assist you in your journey!

Email me at

Lisa “Beyond Energetic Healing”




Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and Light Language Activations

Hello, my name is Jordan Coburn and I am a Reiki Master, Shaman, and a Veteran. My business provides distance Reiki healing services, entity and ET removals, home energy clearings, inner child healing, light language activations and more! During healing sessions, I remove entities that are not in alignment with your highest good and I provide energy balancing, chakra charging, and pain relief. I look forward to working with you! Namaste! -Jordan

My services:

  • Reiki Session (All include light language) – $80/60 Minutes; $45/30 Minutes; $25/15 Minutes
  • Entity Removal Session (If they’re causing physical/mental harm) – $50/40 Minutes
  • Inner Child/Timeline Healing- $40/30 Minutes
  • Healer Attunements (Reiki, Dragon, Christ Force, and Unicorn healing)- $40
  • Curse, Hex, and Evil Eye Energy Removal- $50
  • Recorded Light Language Activation- $30 for up to 6 abilities
  • Live Light Language Activation (Recording provided) – $40/20 Minutes
  • Recorded Message from your Higher Self using Light Language – $25/10 Minutes
  • Sexual Trauma Healing for Men – $45/30 Minutes
  • Couples Relationship Healing – $40/30 Minutes
  • Pet Reiki Session – $25/15 Minutes
  • Home Entity Banishment/Exorcism (Completed remotely) – $60/45 Minutes
  • Aspect and Animal Totem Integrations – $40/30 Minutes
  • Healer Guidance Session – $40/30 Minutes
  • Clairvoyant Reading – $40/30 Minutes

My Social Media Links:

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189 Piney Branch Court, Boone, NC, USA

Looking to Live a Happier More Fulfilled Purposeful Life? We are Seeking & and Yes Recruiting Gifted Spiritual Individuals in all Fields of Mind Body & Spirit Development.  Join With us in a Family of Peers & The Largest Spiritual Community In the Western Hemisphere and a UN NGO. Help us Help You Support and Expand the World Wide Awakening that is Now Happening Globally – Dr, James (Yogadhi) Weldon

My etheric name is Jakai and I have been here many lifetimes/life cycles 12th House Evolved Pisces from the Angelic Realm and Stars and I am aware of some of my past lives which consists of prominent historical figures in our history on this planet.


I have a philosophical way of thinking and articulating myself much like a certain individual many are familiar with, one of my past lives. I sat at the feet of some very well know teachers and carry in my DNA those energies of experiences of esoteric knowledge.

Ever since kindergarten I’ve had souls approach me and spill their guts to me all the while questioning,  “….why am I telling you this?”; “…why am I revealing my secrets to you…I just met you!” Etc, etc… I Am a magnet for those seeking answers to some of the most complex of thoughts, energies, philosophies, belief systems, life/death, relationships, business, religion, health, abundance, etc etc.

I want to make a strong note here that although I am a spiritually minded individual,  I do also like money and lots of it…in ABUNDANCE and I am a Master at attracting resources and I can share with you how I increased my income year after year for the past decade. Each year I have learned how to ALLOW what is ALREADY to BE when it will BE. To step away from the time space continuum long enough to transcend the matrix to be IN the world but not OF the world.

I Am a great person to speak with on Biblical questions as I have hundreds if not thousands of hours of research and study of Christianity and Catholicism with enough understanding to show how all religions have the same core message of Unconditional Love! Indeed people tamper with writings but the ENERGY of it ALL is the same and never was LOVE to be used as a tool to CONTROL people.

I am a Champion for FREEDOM in the mind, body and soul.

When people are done holding an OPEN MINDED conversation with me they always thank me and attest they feel better, have the clarity they’ve desired lately, know what they want more than ever, feel more comfortable being themselves, feel more courageous, feel empowered, more willing to forgive and let go, less judgemental towards themselves and the rest of the world, over-inner stand what LOVE is and sometimes return just to refresh and explore LOVE again as some realize the word LOVE is used and tossed around so loosely we find ourselves asking while scratching our heads….WHAT IS LOVE? Well I asked 100 people who ALL DEFINED LOVE DIFFERENTLY AND UNIQUELY….but have a conversation with me and you will SEE what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is vs LOVE!!

I’m an open book! Let’s talk! Let’s Explore! Let’s Self Heal!!

I am empathic, clairvoyant, conductor of healing energies!!


I have been Blessed with Survival from illnesses and circumstances that should have killed me, and actually did a couple times. I reached deep into my Soul and found my Connection to Source. Now I am helping others Heal in all forms, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Through Akashic Records Readings, Tarot Readings and Reiki Level 1&2 I can help you Find and Sail the Life You are Destined to Live. Find the Healing Power of the Water through me.

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