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Amanda Shertzer is a lightworker supporting other lightworkers in their path to learning more about why they’re here and what their missions are. She uses channeled transmissions from other-dimensional beings as well as one-on-one hypnotherapy and channeling sessions as a part of her own lightworker mission. Her channelings are featured on YouTube, Twitter, and websites worldwide.


Channeled readings and messages provide a higher perspective view of current issues that we often can’t see clearly while we are experiencing them. The answers provided will resonate and cause “ah-ha” moments. They often leave you with a sense of having lifted above the issues to a higher level yourself.

Channeled readings and messages may also include more esoteric topics such as galactic origins and deeper spiritual or philosophical questions.

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A past life regression begins with a chat. You have interests you want to find out about or goals for the session, and your “guide” will want to know about them. The hypnosis part has three sub-parts. The first part is called the induction. This is usually just a guided relaxation or visualization. Once you are relaxed, the “therapy” part of the session begins. This is when you are taken to a past life to explore and understand how its themes relate to themes in your life today. Last, is the called the release. This is when you are brought back to full awareness and oriented to the current time and place – usually with a feeling of deep relaxation.


The main benefit of a past life regression is a better understanding of the causes and solutions of issues in your life.

Secondary benefits can be:

  • Deep relaxation
  • View of another time and place (like time travel)
  • Psychological healing
  • Physical healing

Past life regression sessions usually last about an hour and a half.

Book a past life regression here.

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