Kundalini/Higher Self Journey Sessions and Guidance



What Exactly Kundalini Is:

Many people have never heard the word kundalini or don’t fully understand what it is. Simply put kundalini is the journey to your Higher Self. It is the activation of your higher chakras located on your spine and the back of your head. When the higher chakras are fully activated you become your Higher Self and have an orbit of continuous energy around your body.

Level of Awareness/Consciousness Reading & Energy Healing – $50 USD

This is by phone call and is an hour long A complete energy clearing and healing is included. The energy assessment will tell you where you are at in your kundalini journey and how far you have to go and what to expect. I will go over your energy health and self care and how you can improve it. This assessment will also tell you the inner work you need to to be concentrating on and the wound you are healing.

Energy Clearing and Healing – $25 USD by email only
I clear all your chakras and your energy system. I include an energy assessment and level. I remove all negative energy and energetic cords. You will be grounded and balanced after this clearing.

Pre-purchase 4 – $25 USD Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions ahead of time for $90 USD and save $10. I will set a weekly or biweekly time for your sessions.

If interested please visit my sessions page at: http://soulsisterstruth.com

I have successfully completed the Kundalini/Higher Self Journey and would like to help you successfully complete yours.


I was guided to start this channel to teach and guide lightworkers about the kundalini awakening. Kundalini is energy coming to you from the universe to diss…


Incoming Sacral Chakra Energy 4/19/2020 The sacral chakra is where we have energy blocks that relate to past painful and traumatic relationships. These blocks interfere with your ability to fully love yourself. You may be having painful childhood memories or memories from past abusive relationships surface today.

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