Ascension Symptoms Healing and Alignment of Body, Mind and Higher Self.

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Ascension Symptoms Healing and Alignment of Body, Mind and Higher Self.

Experience the benefits of Metatron and Arcturian Healing. These are two of the new wave of Healing Modalities that have recently been gifted to us.
The main purpose of this Healing is to Align you with your Higher Self. This also has an effect on the Physical, Emotional and the Mental bodies and will aid your overall Well Being and Re-Alignment.  A Very effective treatment for most of the common Ascension Symptoms. On some occasions changes occur within days, both to peoples Wellness as well as life’s goals coming to fruition. (Have a look at Nice Words in Photos).
I tend to use Skype or Messenger video calling to first contact and then to connect over the Ether to transmit the Healing Alignment. It usually puts people in a very blissful and calm state, so why not give it a try and see the effects for yourself.
There may also be some Ascension Guidance and Mentoring if and when required. Which will involve discussions of what has come up for both parties during the Healing and/or since the last session. Some intuitive guidance, on what you may need to be doing at this time. Helping you to focus on and/or discover your True Lifes Purpose. I have over 36 years experience of Energy healing, and Alignment (See the “About me” details on Higher Self web page) as well as being a Usui Reiki practitioner.
Each Session is Individual and will be led by your needs and understanding. Sessions usually lasts around 30 minutes and costs is $33.30.
Initial Contact by Email please to to enable a first time connection .
If you are new to this type of healing you can email me to arrange a chat first and get some better understanding of what it involves.



An amazing lad !

I have consulted this healer for severe ascension symptoms and I am 100% satisfied.

He gave me all his attention, using Skype (he also uses Messenger), and replied to all my emails afterwards one by one, he is a powerful healer and it is the first time I hear swishing noises around me in a distance healing amazing !

It didn’t matter that I was in a different country, writing this review is my way of thanking him because the care, the free time and the concern I really felt from him towards me has no price in the world.

Totally recommend this guy.

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Nice Words.jpg 2 months ago by MArcturus
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