J-seal implant removal /Soul retrieval

Sunrise, FL, USA
7899 West Oakland Park Boulevard Sunrise Florida 33351 US

Beyond Energetic Healing 

My name is Lisa and I’m an indigo starseed, energy worker, priestess path graduate and shamanic healer.

I’m offering online or in person support for…

Shamanic Soul Retrieval...

When PTSD and trauma happen in life pieces of the soul gets fragmented and compartmentalized. Some people loose these fragments over lifetimes. It can cause emptiness, depression, and addiction. We may not even realize a part of our souls are missing until we get it back. For me the first time I had a soul retrieval session I cried tears of joy for hours from the feeling of “wholeness” and “home” I had felt.

Cord Cutting

I also cut cords from unhealthy relationships, entity attachments and energetic vamperism. With it I always cleanse and seal your aura.

Blockage Removals…

I help remove energetic blockages due to stress, addiction, pharmacutucals, other peoples negative energy.

J-Seal Implant Removals… 

I can assist in the removal all Jehovian Seals from the seventh axitonal line on the left side of the body. I also assist in the removal of all tags of possession, collars, frequency fences, crown of thorns, connections to siphoning programs.” I always add archangel protection along with Soverignty declarations to everything I do.”

Distance Reiki Sessions… 

Psychic Protection

And much more…

I would be very happy to assist you in your journey!

Email me at lisadamato84@gmail.com

Lisa “Beyond Energetic Healing”



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