Keelee Rae-Ann - Psychic Spirit Medium

Smithtown, NY
155 West Main Street Smithtown New York 11787 US

As an Internationally known Spirit Medium/Psychic, I have worked with clients from around the globe. I have been using my gifts since the age of 3. I have all the psychic senses; I am Clairvoyant which means “Clear-Seeing” I can see spirits and images that they show me. I am Clairaudient which means “Clear-Hearing” so I can hear them speaking to me in my thoughts, telepathically; I will hear names, names of places, nicknames and other words. Some spirits will quite literally speak to me and have a conversation. I am strongly Clairsentient, which means I can sense or feel people’s and spirit’s emotions; pains or injuries they had while in the physical body; I can also sense their personalities, for examples, if they had a great sense of humor, were very serious and stern, depressed etc. I am Claircognizant, which means messages from Spirit come through as a simple knowing of information without reason. I am also Clairambient, which means occasionally, they will impress onto me a particular smell that would have been symbolic of them. I am also a Remote Viewer, which means that I can psychically “tune in” to a person or a place, somewhere else on the physical plane and see what is going on. As a Medical Intuitive, I also receive health information in readings pertaining to the physical body. I am able to see where and how people are manifesting illness throughout their energy body, and tie that back to a specific life event.

*Every spirit communicates with me very differently. Some will choose to show me a lot of visual images, while others prefer to “speak” to me or impress me with thoughts and feelings. As different as their personalities were in life, they are in spirit, as well.

We never know who will come into these sessions. It could be your own spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and/or passed relatives/partners/friends.

I do sessions online via Zoom and send you a copy of the recorded session afterward. I also do phone sessions.

I have an extremely high accuracy rate for current and future events. I’m able to channel your subconscious and see where you’re manifesting illness or where you’re holding onto energy/emotional blockages. We are then able to work with Spirit to clear them.  I can do what years of therapy can’t! Check out my Facebook reviews or website testimonials!

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151 60th St, West New York, NJ 07093, USA 68.24 km

Connect Deeper & Integrate with the I Am Presence. Alaria comes from the Angelic Realms. In this embodiment she is self-realized. She works with clients through the Authorities of The Great Central Sun, The Office of The Cosmic Christ Sananda, The Order of The Melchizedek Priesthood, and with Archangel Michael. She is an energy healer, a guide and a cosmic warrior. Working with your I Am Presence she can assist you in the removal of blocks and impediments on your journey home. Restore your highest potential – Humanity’s Original Blueprint – and actualize the I Am template.

Sessions by Phone

1 hr $70 Contact for Appointment

Author of “Codices To The Mysteries Revealed” Available on Amazon & Kindle

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