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Samantha SolBright Rodriguez is a New Earth Ascension Guide, WayShower, Teacher, Author, Wisdom Keeper, Energy Worker and Activator of Higher Consciousness. She is here to assist humanity in returning to their pure, natural and organic state of BEing.

As she continues to evolve, expand, remember and fully ascend in her physical body she assists, supports, guides and activates others in re-discovering and remembering who they are and the power of the essence they hold. Through her light articles, activations, videos, courses, personal and group support sessions she is able to teach and activate codes of remembrance in all.

She also offers support in Spanish.

Samantha habla español y tambien da consultas y sesiones en español.

*Currently all her live group sessions and private sessions are on a donation based support system. If you’d like to book a private session or join in on her weekly ascension workshops, energy transmissions and support groups please click the link below:


This powerful month of September we are bringing forth a variety of offerings, live events, group sessions and private support opportunities to assist you further during this powerful time. The next phase that we are calling forth for the remainder of the year is going to bring so much for all of us in every way and level possible.

To read her light encoded articles:

Light Articles

This past weekend I went through another template wipe out, I’ve gone through many before but this time around was a bit different, it came through quite clearly even though this was much softer than it’s been previously.

To look at her current courses:

Ascension School

Awaken and remember how to live as a Soul on New Earth. Journey with me into the depths of your heart, body, mind and Soul to activate your pure magic!

To watch her ascension support videos and more:

Samantha SolBright Rodriguez

Welcome to my YouTube Channel!! I am a New Earth Ascencion Guide here to assist you during this shift. You are not alone in this journey and the more you become more conscious and aware the more you honor your trajectory back to being a fully conscious being of light.


Feel free to contact her at:


Living as Pure Love Revised Cover.jpg 2 months ago
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