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TURBO BOOST your SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and Journey! Connect to the powerful field of unlimited potential and unconditional LOVE!

Do you want to feel more integrated and whole in your life?

What makes Reconnective Healing so effective is that  it facilitates us to work with this powerful force, by going directly to the Source of All Knowledge, Love and Healing.

This quantum field is capable of performing instantaneous healing on the body, mind and soul.  It is the greatest force in the universe and it has absolute love and knowledge. This force is available to everyone.

Through Reconnective Healing, people can easily move into a very deep state of relaxation, where their intire being may allow this powerful force of healing and wisdom to work with them.

A Session with these frequencies can be a life changing experience.

The best way to understand the healing and transformation of these frequencies is to experience them!

Reconnective Healing has benefits such as:

More vitality and Life energy


Peace of mind

Support in your personal growth, expansion of your consciousness and spiritual awareness

Healing of physical, mental, spiritual or emotional issues

Harmony within realtionships…

Reconnective Healing transcends other traditional energy healing techniques.

It is more than just an energy healing technique – in fact, it is not a technique at all – that would limit it.

When we interact with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, our body, mind and soul simply receive this universal light, energy and information. This allows us, allows our cells to remember their original state of balance and wellbeing, and supports the return of the person to that state.

I am delighted to be part of this NEXT STEP in your development!

Love Mel

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