Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer/Integrator, RN


I am blessed and honored to be a part of reiki and the healing/integration of beings, beloved planet Gaia and the universe. The reiki energy transmitted  comes through my vessel as an instrument. I do my absolute best to be as clear an instrument as possible  through personal healing and integration, awareness of vibration, along with being connected with my multidimensional self as a blue ray being, star seed/light worker, intuitive healer, clairvoyant and clairsentient being. Bringing through Arcturian, and Andromedan, Pleaidians healing along with healing through from ascended masters, light beings and angels. I am able to bring to the reiki sessions the ability to see angels, ascended masters, light beings, spirit guides, orbs, spirits and into other dimensions. As an intuitive empath I am able to feel and intuit guidance from Illumined beings, reiki guides and spirit guides. I also have a background in healthcare and am a registered nurse with over ten years of nursing experience and case management.

I’ve mastered reiki in other dimensions and through many incarnations and bring this through in my dna. In this lifetime I’ve been transmitting reiki since 2016 and became a certified reiki master teacher and certified animal reiki practitioner in 2019. During the reiki attunements (tuning in ones energy field to transmit reiki energy, similar to how a radio dial tunes to a specific station to broadcast that signal) I met Yeshua/Sananda in form who guided on healing/integration journeys and taught me reiki, much of what wasn’t covered in any classes classes, and he continues to be a prominent guide in reiki sessions and through life.

I feel reiki is a divine blessing, as we all are, and I desire to extend the blessing of reiki. I feel reiki can guide us to return to our natural state of oneness, love, peace and bliss.

I offer very reasonable reiki prices and half off financial assistance for Veterans and for those on SSDI, SSI, or SNAP.

Reiki benefits: ~ Light body activation. ~ Increasing and balancing Chi. ~Balancing ascension symptoms. ~Provides deep relaxation and stress relief. ~Promotes pain relief. ~Stimulates detoxification of the body. ~ Aids in recovery of grief, loss and trauma. ~Provides mental clarity and increases memory.



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