Dragons & spirituality

Mythology and lore talk about these creatures known as dragons. Many made up stories call them “mythical”, but what’s the real truth? Do dragons exist? Did they use to walk on earth in physical form? Do you have a dragon as spirit animal?

1. The existence of Real dragons

If you grew up believing that dragons only exist in fairy tales, the answer the above questions might surprise you. Usually, mythology and ancient tales hide a deeper truth. Ancient stone scrawls, a belief of dragons in certain religions and seeing them in dreams are some of the confirmations that indeed dragons exist, even if its in different dimensions. In fact, you have worked with dragons very closely while in spirit form, and you might have visited other worlds were dragons were very real.

Dragons, similar to other animals exist in different planes than souls who have incarnated as humans. They achieve their expansion and have their paths.

In the early creation of the earth, people were much “awakened” and the memory of these beings was clearer. We might not remember their existence but subconsciously we carry the knowledge of their presence within us. It is true indeed, dragons exist in other dimensions as they are beings of higher planes and they have high energy qualities. They are considered a more advanced species of the animal kingdom. As they have achieved ascension and expansion They even exist in the form of animal spirit guides for many now.

2. The qualities and powers of a dragon

Dragons have a very advanced perception and intuition. They sense auras, sense emotions and feel events that are about to occur. They are aware if a person is in alignment with their path or If they have sidetracked. For this, you can call the energy of a dragon to help reveal the right path, or show you the way if you feel uncertain. Calling forth the energy of a dragon to join, it is like calling a spirit guide or angel to assist. They come from different planes than angels, but they are available to those who are ready for their guidance.

Another way that they can help is to help you have a stronger intuition. Ask them to help you recognize your worth and increase your intuition. Being able to capture your intuition and believe in your skills is a powerful tool that the dragons can help you master.

You don’t need to have a dragon spirit animal to be able to call for their help. They join you energetically and can temporarily join your spiritual team, to help with your request.


3. How to work with a dragon

To call for a dragon, simply remove thought, have the purest intention at heart, and call for one to show up energetically to assist you with what you want. Ask them to give you signs of their presence throughout the day, just to confirm that they have agreed to help you.

Beware, however, that they don’t help everyone unless they like their presence. For a dragon to join you, you have to have a kind heart and be generally a good person. By way of strong perception they can be very well aware of your intentions at all times; for this, call them only if you need aid for the highest and greatest good.


4. Dragon as a spirit animal

Having a dragon as your spirit animal can be very beneficial if your path is to be counseling others, helping people recover from an addiction, or guide some to find their calling.

Very regularly dragons can join babies or children to help them acquire stronger intuition and perception if those are skills that will help them later in life.

They oversee a child’s growth and stand great protectors so that a child does not sidetrack from their path.


5. Dragons and ascension

Currently, dragons roar the earth’s surface helping to transmute the lower 3D earth to the 5D earth. They achieve this by helping the earth’s energy “re-generate” in a higher vibration.

Don’t be surprised if you have dreams pf dragons, or see repeated images or context mentioning them. It is a confirmation that a dragon is currently helping you with something. They can often give you tools and energy transmissions helping you through the ascension.

Generally, dragons come from the 7th dimension plane, but they used to exist in physical form in a 4rth dimension. The Current earth did not have dragons, but the early “like-earth” planets did. That is why many might have a feeling that they lived with dragons in physical form, which can be in fact very true. By the same token, that is a confirmation of why the ancient earth humans had recollections of them and created religions and artifacts dedicated to them.

Dragons might be taught as mythical creatures in schools, but they are very much real and exist in other planes. Call the energy of a dragon to assist you to find your path, or quickly elevate in 5D earth. If your spirit animal is dragon, then ask them to show up in your dreams and guide you. Be aware of their presence and allow them to lead you forward.

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