Expression; Be That Girl Who Wakes Up With Purpose and Intent

Bask in Your Being

Take the time to be. Learn to move your world around you to give yourself the space needed to explore the power of your own energy from the ground, root chakra, up. Let your Vishuddha fill your heart with love and flow, that love through and around you. There is a lesson my mother tried to teach me ‘you must fix yourself before you can fix others’. I now see the literal meaning in all senses and perspectives given to me through my journey. Practice through meditation and creativity and expression. Opening your chakras is the beginning of ending your own suffocation. I challenge you to continue feeling this new light and love you are directing into your life. It is like fantasies coming to life and living through you while you are awake. Leave doubt, leave judgment, allow the light to attract light and keep the darkness out of your mind and body. Just see the dark for what it is, listen, learn and let it go.

Self Realization

After introducing this higher level of vibration, my being was able to interact with my consciousness more clearly and directly putting my human self at ease letting go of my ego who was continuously assessing and reasoning out my perceived pain and failures. The true causes of my anxieties and inner conflict was simply the lack of my true self awareness. I was following the stressful rules of this physical world creating this innate division, a delusion and dependency that pervaded every aspect of my life.

It wasn’t until I stopped depending on my doctor’s prescriptions, her assessments of my examinations and her judgment of my physical appearance, it was then I turned towards another way. I started slowly by eliminating medication and tried understanding the vibrations of my pain everyday. I stopped eating many foods that got me learning about the energies that our own body produces. I turned my attention to the natural Earth for answers and this gave me awareness of the natural herbs and oils and teas that I was growing in my own garden.

I then began to start letting go by looking through my deceased mother’s sacred things she left for me. I found books and oils and herbs and incense and opened me to her own being that lives within me now. I started to feel the happiness and sorrows together and basked in the harmony of it. With Deepak’s help and guidance I have tapped deeply into the akashic realm of my authentic self, along with feeling and experiencing the generation before me that live within my being. The pain I feel everyday has been telling me the painful story of all the ancestors that have been buried and forgotten but live in me and my family.

I realize that in the polarized world we live in today, our shadow self is desperately trying to wake us up. encouraging us to stand with the truth. Like a ship at sea, we all can help through intention to change the direction. Be grounded and collective and work together as one to bring back the true peace and happiness to our Earth that is suffering because of our suffering. There is so much noise and unnecessary turbulence.

I am now greeted with my Higher Self and know she was always there protecting me, guiding me through my life’s journey and is why I am alive today living through many dark times and light. Throughout my child life I have gone to many churches and religious groups and always left with this uneasy feeling that I could never understand. So many years there has been this belief that God existed and only through one man can we know him.

I now see the truth, the truth that was buried with the many men and women who have felt the destruction of this forced notion since the seeming forever coarse. I will keep growing and listening and expressing through my human experience. I will meet my guardian, my shadow, my spirit, my being and face the fears together with clear knowing, with love and intention. My mother’s journey lives in me and I continue her path with my conscious being.

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