From Russia with love

A beautiful photo appeared onto my facebook screen. The man looked so lovely that I wanted to know more. He was unknown to me then but I have uncovered the m…

Here is a mystery for you!  I first created this video last December trying to work out the details –  Since then I have discovered the identity of the beautiful teacher.  The words are in Russian (decrypted into English) but I feel sure this is the person I was meant to link up with  as there have been some developments of late.  I felt he reconnected with me so that I would re upload the video – maybe so that he could join with other light beings to send out his energy.


NOW January 2022.  The Master’s name Vissarion. I have been informed by a Russian facebook devotee that he is the Christ that has reappeared.  I have no means of knowing and it does sound far fetched, but He was imprisoned because of a betrayal . I am not sure if he has been released, but his energy is beautiful and very strong. I am thinking of him more and more of late. You may be able to find him on Facebook.



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