Grounding And Shielding To Protect Your Energy

by Lisa Annunziato
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Many people are sensitive to picking up energy and others’ emotions in their environment.  Often, people do not realize this is what is happening, but they will feel drained when around certain people or environments, or walk into public places and suddenly feel their emotions completely out of balance.  

It is normal for people to share energy in environments, but when someone is in a state of lack in some way in their life, they often inadvertently take more energy than they give.  And the energy-sensitive people are the ones who feel the effects of this most acutely.

There are ways for sensitive people to counteract this while still being able to be fully present with the ones they are with.  In fact, grounding and shielding methods assist in someone who is energy sensitive being able to be even more fully present, because they can give of themself to whomever may need it without having their energy reserves reduced.  This is important because many sensitive people have jobs in helping fields.

What is Grounding? 

Grounding is a visualization technique that helps the visualizer connect more fully in their body and to the earth beneath them.  The reason for this is, traumatic experiences often cause disconnection and disassociation from the body and the present moment.

Grounding helps ensure a feeling of safety and security, a “grounded” sort of feeling.  The other purpose of grounding is to rid the body of any energy that is negative from inside.  This helps make sure the person is not carrying any of their own negative energy to start out the day.

There are many ways to “Ground”.  A common one is to visualize tree roots growing from beneath the feet, deep into the earth, and all the negative energy-draining down to be transformed inside the earth.  Another way is to picture a cord coming out from the tailbone into the center of the earth where the negativity will drain into and melt from the hot magma in the earth’s center.

A technique that serves a double purpose is to see a pole from the tailbone into the earth, with a spiraling orange cord on top of that.  The pole represents thoughts and the cord is emotions.  With this method, negativity on the emotional level and the mental level are addressed.

What is Shielding? 

Shielding is a visualization method that protects one’s existing energy stores from feeling drained.  It can help in extremely negative situations, or in heavily public places where many people with differing needs may be expressing their energy in a manner that can be draining for energy-sensitive individuals.

Shielding techniques are also varied.  It’s important to pick a method that resonates.  Some may resonate more deeply with a visualization of wearing armor around themselves.  Others prefer to envision an impenetrable bubble around them.

A particularly helpful method is picturing a wall of protection from any sources of security and faith (angels, ascended masters, passed over relatives).

These visualizations can be used before stressful situations, when going into negative environments, or even in public.  But, more importantly, utilizing grounding and shielding techniques every morning and every evening can make a big difference in how an energy-sensitive person feels on a daily basis, reducing the tendency to feel drained or imbalanced in any environment.  In this way, a sensitive person can be in control of personal energy and ultimately retain their power.

About the Author: Lisa Annunziato, MA, BCC, CHt, is a clairvoyant/clairsentient empath, a Board Certified Life Coach, a Hypnotherapist, and a long-time healer.  She specializes in intuitive life coaching sessions utilizing hypnotherapy and healing; multimodal deep healing sessions; mentoring to developing intuitives and healers; readings; classes for spiritual development and crystal healing; and group coaching.  Find out more at: and

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