Grounding With The Sun

Friday Week Energy Reading: Grounding With The Sun
  • Say: “I open my heart and life to the creative inspiration of Divine Love. I choose to create happiness in every new way.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Say: “Divine Intelligence, please awaken the sweetness and soulfulness inside me so I can truly nourish and love myself.” Inna Segal
  • Say: “Divine Spirit, connect me to your infinite power and intelligence. Allow me to walk my true path of wisdom, peace and joy.” Inna Segal
  • Say: “Infinite Intelligence, awaken my creative talents and abilities, freeing me to participate in amazing and fun experience.” Inna Segal
Invulnerable connections come together to find the true meaning for what it is to be alive. But where we find ourselves is in the darkness attracting more darkness. The Hero’s Journey is within our own being. Reaching out to seek what is wanted rather then the comfortably unwanted. This will be found through the rays of the Sun. Get creative in breaking the repeatable patterns. Allow the sun rays to ground you, nourish you and embody your true self and creative power to the highest strengths. Allow the Sun to help you grow in all ways through friend and foe.
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