Guidance from your Angelic team to triumph over the ascension waves

Whenever you read this message, let it be a message from your spiritual team just for YOU. There are no coincidences in the realm of light. Your team wanted to attune you to this message to help you with what you go through now. Read the message carefully, and as you do feel their presence surrounding you. Let them bring you the courage and wisdom that you need to move forward.

The ascension journey can be a rocky one, and they know it that is why they are here with you lighting your way.

How to ride the ascension waves

Dearest being of light,

You are in the middle of your ascension, where the energy dives in deeper to clear old codes that you hold in your being for lifetimes. Those codes you held for so long, some have joined you through every single journey of reincarnation, but if they hold fear, they slow you down. There so much going on energetically now but all aims to assist you to rise higher. EVERYTHING regardless of the density you experience, regardless of the fear that comes up, regardless of any symptoms that might show up for you, everything has its place. Do not question your path, do not fear your journey. We are here to remind you that truly ALL IS WELL. You are evolving and reshaping so that you can hold more love and power of light within you.

Many of you worry when they sense the shift. We have come here and now to prepare you for all those experiences and what they mean.

  1. If you feel stressed, tension, anxiety, agitation, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat or a similar sensation, your body is undertaking streams of the new consciousness that makes your energy expand further than you are used to currently. But dearest one, your energy must expand, is trying to reshape towards its original expansive form. The energy around you can hold triple the size. You can handle all the new streams of energy. The current body if it holds fear, the aura shrinks, and that causes resistance. The happier you are, the more elevated and calm, the bigger the energy that surrounds, the more effortless it is for the new energy to stream in.

–       Move your body, let the energy cycle through and not stay in one place.

–       Connect with the earth as much as possible to release some of that energy below because the earth needs it as well.


  1. If you experience sadness, fear, anger, loneliness and any other negative emotion sit with it. It comes from within your cells as stagnant energy being released. It usually passes after a few hours. When this occurs affirm: I release and let go of all that does not serve my highest and greatest good. Go with the light.”


There are many more symptoms that are likely to experience during this time, but these are the common ones that we wished to prepare you for.

Why you experience ascension symptoms

There are many more going on currently, but it all starts from how much of the new energy you can handle because it brings with it so many light codes, it awakens the ones you have carried with you from other planes. But since all those bring you new characteristics and light, the old ones need to be cleared. How can both exist within you if one comes from fear and resistance, and the other from ease and love?

We have been telling you to sit with your emotions. To let them in, to learn from them. That is because it becomes easier to work through them and release what comes up. Many of you resist them, shove them back down and those old codes remain becoming harder and harder to be afloat, to be elevated. You don’t need them, dearest, they come to be cleared but you have to allow them to do so. The way to do that is to allow, be willing to experience them once more, do not fear them. We know they are dense but that is why they arise, you can’t hold them anymore. They also have a source. Once you tune into them to learn, to understand why you held them for so long you can better clear them. Remember to ask for new light codes to replace them.

Ask your guides to help you with the clearing if uncertain, we are all surrounding you now. If you can see how many of us surround each one of you will be in awe by the support that exists so close to earth right now.

The intensity will continue for a while longer. It will peak some more before it subsides but during this time massive growth would have been achieved. After this, you will no longer be the same.”

What it a message from my Angels?

Did you feel the presence of your guides with you as you read this? Did you get a feeling, a knowing that this is meant for you? Do you feel that the time you read this is spot on?

Then no longer wonder, this is your confirmation that your Angels are with you helping you through it all.


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