Heal Your Inner Child In 3 Easy Steps

Heal Your Inner Child In 3 Easy Steps


Did you know…

Your inner child is distressed – they are hold all of the unresolved pain, hurt and fear of your childhood.

This means that deep down, a wounded and vulnerable part of you is not only guiding most of your adult choices and decisions, but is also maintaining an energetic point of attraction within you too, so any pain energy from your childhood will continue to draw the same upsetting themes and experiences into your life over and over again – no matter how hard you try to escape them. I don’t want you to miss our awesome masterclass to show you how to heal your wounded inner child – you honestly won’t find this covered anywhere else!

Fortunately, now is the perfect time to heal the wounded part of you because awakening calls for full maturation of the soul. This means that every aspect of you has to wake up, grow up and stand, self assured, in your own power. Healing the pains of the inner child shifts masses of negative emotional energy, and as a result, can hugely impact not only your energetic vibration, but also can clear many of the negative themes that continue to re-occur in life – freeing you from unnecessary pain and allowing you to align with (and attract) more positive experiences too. Sound good? Then get started by following these steps…




STEP 1 – Acknowledge the vulnerable child within.

Before you can heal, you must accept that there is a wounded child aspect within all of us – and that there is a wounded child part within you too. Resist the urge to avoid the vulnerability by dismissing it or brushing it away – it is this very rejection that perpetuates the pain long term.


STEP 2 – Identify the hurts and pains of your childhood.

Think back to moments in your childhood that really impacted you – no matter how ‘silly’ you think they might be. Perhaps it was the loneliness you felt for the first time at play school, or the fear you felt of the first day at school, or the pain of being scolded or reprimanded or feeling that you disappointed your parents – perhaps it was something much worse. All of this has an impact on how you perceive the world as an adult and who you grow up to be.


STEP 3 – Use energy healing to release the painful emotion and heal your inner child.

By using energy healing, you can release the negative emotion that is still held within your energy body, clear any faulty beliefs that were created and release any stored negative emotion to heal the inner child and make you whole and healthy again.


But how? Simple, quick and easy. We use energy healing to acknowledge the vulnerable child within, identify the hurts and pains of your childhood, and to release the painful emotion and heal your inner child.


Ready to begin right now? Check out our all new, energy healing meditation, ‘The Inner Child Healing’ that you can use repeatedly throughout your awakening to heal your childhood pains, gain freedom from the past & feel healthy, whole and complete!

You can check it out here.


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