Healing the wounded warriors WITHIN- Part 1 – Identifying the wounded MASCULINE

Healing the wounded warriors WITHIN- Part 1 – Identifying the wounded MASCULINE

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About the author: Shaman DestanyRaven Taylor
Shaman DestanyRaven Taylor is a fully embodied multidimensional Seer, quantum healer, grid-worker, Star-GATEkeeper, a highly intuitive empath/ telepath , psychic medium , medical intuitive, initiated Shamanic (Certified) & Reiki Master practitioner,(Certified )Fairyologist ,DNA keycode Language of Light Speaker /teacher . This includes the abilities to trance channel other multidimensional beings such as faeries, unicorns, dragons, mermaids and the ancient star race aspects such as Acturians, Andromedan, Pleiadian, Akartians, Light Beings (that create crop circles),Vegans, Carian/ Blue Avians (bird race),Ancient builders Feline race (such as Bastet ), and MANY other ascended masters, including the Archangels and Archeia angelic realms . She also connects with loved ones crossed into the nonphysical process (what many call their ancestors) to deliver messages to her clients as it pertains to their healing. Shaman DestanyRaven uses her gifts to assist those who are challenged with bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, depression , childhood trauma, pastlife trauma, healing bloodline(ancestral )karma and much more. She uses guided meditations (which are DNA activations encrypted with light codes) , trance channeled light language spoke in (Oversoul) higher self tongues, and shamanic reprogramming technics such as tapping and metasoul fragments retrieval, divination Guidance (Oracle/Tarot), remote viewing , and Sound healing /toning (clearing energy blockage) ,to assist ALL who are guided to her for the purpose of their souls expansion and ultimately for their mission in the ASCENSION.

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