Heart Chakra Misalignment

Mind/Body conditions
Coronary Heart disease (Angina pectoris symptoms), Diabetes, Obesity – (Osteoarthritis, bilateral knee pain, abdominal hernia, Hyperlipidemia), Depression.

Coronary Heart Disease is due to a chronic heart chakra blockage. You are taught at a young age how to express and feel love independent from others around you. When there are no clear boundaries or the boundaries are entirely absent due to love and affection being absent. These conditions can manifest a fear and protection ego to carry one through the adult years. Energy is meant to flow freely through all chakras of your body with ease and comfort. When the heart hold/freezes energy chronically with no resolve found within yourself, the heart and lungs become the dominant protectors and insulators from the outside threats and controls.

Diabetes is having low levels of DHEA and increases atherosclerosis. Diabetes is reversible when there is lifestyle and dietary changes.

Obesity is a condition brought on by chronically blocked energy centers in the body. There are seven main energy centers that communicate throughout the body. As the heart chakra is blocked, all other chakras are starving for love and acceptance. Addictions arise when one is trying to keep this part of themselves protected to the point they will even die trying. There are some information I came across to understand the links of trauma and obesity that may start the entangling process.

Depression is an understandable emotion that is trying to get your attention to the fact that there is a dangerous cycle in your life that needs to change. Your emotional body is trying anything to get your attention and will keep doing so until heard and loved and accepted the way it has always tried to be from childhood. Depression is a way the emotional body can reach a person mentally when the mind and body are dissociative to each other.

Nutrients and supplements: Supports your healing process;

  • Vitamin B3 B6 B12 and folic acid: Once per day – Reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis. Protects against osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin E: 400UI a day – Improves blood flow, reduces plaque and boosts immune system function.
  • Plant Sterol and Sterolins: 1capsule 3 times daily – Help increase DHEA and decrease cortisol. protects against hardening of the arteries
  • Cartinine: 200-300mg 3 times per day – Heart fuel – increase energy through the heart mitochondria cells.
  • CoQ10: 30mg per day – For heart mitochondria cell function and heart health
  • Vitamin C: 1000mg per day with 500mg Bioflavonoid – recommended to be used together for people with hyperlipidemia. Is a strong antioxidant and raise HDL.
  • Gugulipid: 750-1000mg per day – Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increase liver metabolism.
  • Magnesium: 400mg per day – Can be found combined with other vitamins. Helps with arrhythmia or irregular heart beat. Sparks heart muscle contractions. A deficiency in magnesium causes potassium to drop.
  • Garlic, fenugreek, bilberry, ginseng, gymnema sylvestre: Protects against all heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Hawthorn Berry: 100-300mg per day – decreases angina symptoms, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, enhance overall heart health.
  • Valerian root/ Kava kava: evening use – Helps calm and relax nerves
  • Brewers Yeast: 500mg per day – enhance natural glucose tolerance, producing and using insulin in the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: 50mg per day – powerful antioxidant that prevents further damage to cells.
    To help reduce Osteoarthritis symptoms
  • Avoid Muffins, bagels and pasta: Gluten and refined carbohydrates cause Fibrin to over accumulate in arthritic areas. inflammation occurs more intensely when fibrin overlaps ‘wounded’ area thickening and clotting the blood leaving scar tissues to biuld up.
  • Avoid all processed foods including fries – They have a ton of trans fats that is the main source of inflammatory response causing chronic inflammation.
  • Avoid blackened BBQ foods: Toxic synovitis damaging joints and bones
  • Avoid nightshade veggies: Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers – Effects what calcium is left in the body trapping and redistributing it.
  • Avoid refined sugars: inflammation due to fibrin accumulation to ‘wounded’ arthritic areas.

The best way to help your body restore and heal itself is to ‘fast’ off of these foods for approximately 72 hours. Reintroduce each type of food a week or two after each and have these anti-inflamatories on hand to help reduce the inflammation and fibrin accumulation effects;

  • Boswalia: Reduces inflammation
  • Ginger: Functions as a COX-2 inhibitor
  • Rutin: reduces fibrin accumulation in combination with bromalain, papain, turmeric or trypsin becomes as effective as ‘Voltarin’
  • Mojiva Yucca Root: Antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Eats access fibrin as well.

Oil to help along the way;

  • Clove bud oil may reduce enzymes in the pancreas that are linked to diabetes.
  • Lavender oil may help to balance high blood sugar levels.
  • Juniper oil powerful detoxifier that aids in circulation
  • Rose oil the queen oil for grief and bereavement. Rose comforts in dark times of emotional pain and shock.
  • Elemi oil is a wound healer that supports the cardiovascular system by neutralizing stress. Just smelling it repairs your spirit, which allows you to find compassion in your heart.
  • Helichrysum oil inspires forgiveness. The herbaceous aroma balances the psyche making it the best oil for mental unrest and old emotional scars. Helichrysum has the power to break through the deepest, most “stuck” negative emotions and can restore compassion for oneself.
  • Palo santo oil is said to align with organic life force that banishes negative energy and sparks a reconnection with the heart. It is ideal for those who feel disconnected from their emotions and are longing to reconnect with loved ones and themselves.
  • Cape chamomile oil can foster feelings of acceptance. Its apple-like scent inspires moving on with life. A spiritual oil known for healing the heart, cape chamomile pacifies anger and aggression.

Exercise Affirmations: Three times in the morning and Three times before bed;

  • ‘I have the power to overcome any obstacles. No matter what is going on, I can be strong, confident, and self directed.’
  • ‘Divine love, pour your healing light into my heart, softening it, purifying it, and rejuvenating it so that it is shiny, loving and full of enthusiasm.’

There is no short cuts to healing. We all are responsible for putting in the effort and doing the work to progress through each phase or stage of our journey. When we take our power and responsibility back and choose to move forward consciously changing the trajectory of our own life, then we stand with a purely dignified demeanor that illuminates happiness and joy within our selves and radiates around us.

Do not let your present circumstances define you. That is what your ego self is counting on every moment of the day. Allow your present circumstance be part of the bread crumbs to finding your well hidden and protected self. Practice affirmations by reading them before you sleep and when you wake up. Compromise with yourself as to what you will be accomplishing; what habits or routines you will change for that day. Practice strengthening your Will by feeding your soul with sounds, herbs and oils and not your gut with the numbing addictive drinks and foods. This will help you find the balance between the power of your heart (Trust and forgiveness) and the power of your solar plexus (Will power, intuition, gut). I hope you find some of the information here helpful or useful along your life’s journey.

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