Heaven or Hell?

How we create our personal hell:
We particiate in low vibrational activities
(Drinking, drugs, casual sex etc)
We eat toxic food
We gossip and slander
We judge and criticize
We cheat and lie
And of course, steal & kill
We think negative thoughts about ourselves and others.
We use deception and manipulation to get our needs met.

How we create our personal heaven:
We eat high vibrational foods
Self care and meditate
We step out of the frequency of fear and judgement
We change our thoughts from what we don’t want to what we do want
Tune into our frequency
Listen to our intuition
We are kind to ourselves and others
We heal our wounds and traumas
We help others heal theirs.
We come into spiritual balance with the All That Is.

Choose your vibration.

Namaste Cosmic Creators!

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About the author: Angelic Arcturian Messages Angela Simmons

I am a 9th Dimensional Angelic Arcturian Starseed here to transmit my frequency to the beings upon Gaia and share messages of love and healing.
We the Arcturians LOVE you!