Higher Frequency Energies to Come from the 9th Dimension

Higher Frequency Energies to Come from the 9th Dimension

Higher Frequency Energies to Come from the 9th Dimension October 24, 2019 via Daniel Scranton danielscranton.com This Article: https://danielscranton.com/higher-frequency-energies-to-come-from-the-9th-dimension-%E2%88%9Ethe-9d-arcturian-council-channeled-by-daniel-scranton/ Daniel is a Channel and a Reiki Master.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are considering taking ourselves into a higher echelon of the ninth dimension, because we are wanting very much to be of greater value to all of you. And our assumption is that you can handle the higher frequency energies that we would then transmit from the very border of the tenth dimension. We’ve noticed that humanity has a capacity to handle energies that are of a particular frequency, and we are looking to stretch where you are now to where you ultimately are going and wanting to go but could go faster. We are doing this not just for all of you, but also for ourselves and all the other beings throughout the galaxy that we are helping.

We just want you to know that this is probably going to occur, and we want you to brace yourselves for the higher frequency energies that you’re going to feel coming to you from the ninth dimension. We have our discussions about humanity’s readiness for more, with ourselves and with other collectives that we connect with who are also helping you. We must coordinate our efforts to make sure that we get all of the input, and all of us are on the same page. These energetic transmissions are meant to remind you that you have already been ninth dimensional. You have already been tenth dimensional.

You are returning home, and you are doing so step by step. It is part of our job to assess what you are ready for, and we certainly do enjoy the input that we get from our friends and colleagues here in the higher realms. We also are interested in your reaction to this news. We want all of you to remember how important it is to be grounded and hydrated when you are running energy through you, especially higher frequency energies, like the ones we will be sending you at some point. At some point it is inevitable that we will be taking that next step in our evolution. We know that you all feel that you are on the border of the fifth dimension and ready to burst into it.

And we agree that those of you who are awake are ready to transition. We also know that you are politely and patiently waiting for the rest of humanity to be ready to join you on that border crossing. In the coming months, we invite you to feel for the differences between the energies you have received through us and from us and the energies that will be coming. Feel what you can feel, because that is the best part of the ascension process.

Your ability to feel more tomorrow than you could today is an underrated experience, but it is one whose time has come. You all are ready. We can sense it. We can feel how this transmission will be received now that we have given it, and we are very excited to be working with you from our new perch in the uppermost echelon of the ninth dimension. The beautiful part about all of this is that all you have to do is sit back, or lie back, relax, open yourselves up, and enjoy the ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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