Higher Self Integration

I realize that I have devoted a lot of personal energy to developing my clarie senses but very little to fully integrating my higher self into my physical body.What aI am saying is that I might want to work on the higher self and the other things will just fall into place.

Now This is just a thought I have had but then again maybe it is coming from higher self and he she has gotten through to me. or it could just be a random thought but then again no the pendulum told me so.

Now I thought what about my body can it hold this higher self within itself. Again the pendulum yes the body can handle it. Though it can no longer handle chicken go figure.

I feel I am so close yet so far, from my goal of being as wise mage. the full embodiment of all I can be. This is just to let you know even I have my occasional doubts.

About the author: Phil Christophers
I am a Tuesday child full of grace. I am a Reiki master of the third degree, I am a gridworker, I am a musician of several instruments, I blog and I channel Light language and entities. I am also loving kind and generous in words and acts. I am. a chaos magician, once upon time I would have been burned as a witch. Yet I am connected to source as all of you are too. Guess I better state I live in the pacific north weet because I think I got the wrong UTC time
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