Ho opono pono

Ho opono pono, a Polynesian healing method  which has a  certain order. It goes like this:

I am Sorry,

Please forgive me,

I thank you,

I love you.

Here is the story I heard when I first learned of this amazing healing method.

ho opono pono

Polynesia healing method that really works. This was a true story that I will admit I have butchered a little bit. However, the intent is true and the order is correct.

About the author: Phil Christophers
I am a Tuesday child full of grace. I am a Reiki master of the third degree, I am a gridworker, I am a musician of several instruments, I blog and I channel Light language and entities. I am also loving kind and generous in words and acts. I am. a chaos magician, once upon time I would have been burned as a witch. Yet I am connected to source as all of you are too. Guess I better state I live in the pacific north weet because I think I got the wrong UTC time
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